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Viber – a long-known application that allows you to call for free, send SMS, as well as make video calls to any a country wherever you are. So that your conversations are not boring and monotonous, the developers introduced chat animation into the chat. In what the charm of this feature? Viber animation lets you record animated messages, and you can add sound accompaniment to this post.

Viber animation Viber animation – how to send?

  1. Everything is very simple, open a chat with the interlocutor who Want to send an animation
  2. Select the animation you want to record;
  3. We record a voice message in which you can change the tone vote;
  4. Browse it and send.

bunny teeth animation in vibeDownload animation in vibe

Everything is very easy and simple, the size of animated messages will not be big but still try to send them when you are connected to Wi-Fi networks, so as not to pay extra money for Internet traffic.

Currently, all available animations in the Viber store you can download for free. The most popular of them is the heroine Violet, drooling dragon animation Tyranni, a pretty slender brunette Amazing Adam.

vibe animation sets animation kits for vibe Animation for Viber where to download

How to send animation from your phone to Viber?

Animation messages are available on phones with installed OS version:

  • Iphone 3GS and above with operating system 6.0 and later
  • An Androdi Phone with OS Version 2.3.3 or Later version

The most optimal animation performance available on Iphone 4 phones with firmware 6.0 and older, and for Android OS version 4.1 or higher is recommended. Please note that video can be viewed on all types of mobile phones and on Viber for computer and laptops. Spectacular and colorful animations you can find and download in the store Animations for Viber

Animation in Viber how to save?

You can easily save the video animation, for this in the system Android need in the upper right corner of the video screen click “Save to device memory. And in Iphone you must select “Save in gallery. ”

Read also how to download vibera to your computer for free.

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