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It’s rare when you manage to occupy a recently released mobile game first charts in both of the most popular stores, but PokemonGO stands apart as the hype on her led to inAppStore andGooglePlay for the first time positions are occupied by her. Everyone wants to immediately install Pokemon GO on your phone. Download Pokemon Go When the game first appeared, they could download it not all, but only users of the USA, New Zealand. Now now download the game can and users of Russia and CIS countries.

The game was created by the joint efforts of such companies, like ThePokémonCompany, Nintendo and Niantic, Supported iOS and Android platforms, mode is multi-user. The basis of the game is geolocation technology and augmented reality, by analogy with the gameIngress, which also became a hit. Meaning in so that users look for these fictional characters, then there are Pokemon. The fact that in order to find at least a few pokemon, you have to leave the house, as they will be scattered throughout the city. How to download Pokemon Go Occupation is very exciting, but at the same time and beneficial to health, as during the game it will take a few kilometers. Kromepokemon, the application also offers to search for special caches storing bonuses that can be spent on in-game improvements. So how to develop PokemonGO used Engress, the application adapts very well to terrain, and gives out many interesting objects. It will also be possible compete with other players, capture points, etc.

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How to download Pokemon GO to your phone

To install the application on your smartphone, if it’s is about iOS, you should change the store to the USA, Australia or choose a New Zealand store, change is free. For First you need to exit AppleID, and then do following:

1. In the settings there is a Basic tab, where there is a Language and a region. Here the user must select one of the indicated options of countries. 2. Next in the application store is PokemonGO. She is in the top of the chart, but you can always find the game in the form search. 3. When the installation is completed, you can put back Store settings for those that were used previously. Necessary understand that when the game is officially available, it will be required remove, and then install again. All accumulated progress will not disappear anywhere, since the passage data is not stored on devices, and on the servers of the application itself. Pokemon download Device owners on The Android system has been much luckier since the only setting that needs to be changed is allowing the phone to install applications downloaded not from official store. After that, it remains to find a reliable site, where there are apk files, find PokemonGO, and install the game. It is advisable to do this from trusted sites, as in the case of popular games there is a very big chance that instead of playing user get a virus file. It is very important to check the list permissions before installation, as a normal file will ask access to photos and videos, to location, to read and change data from a memory card and searching for accounts on the phone.

Now you can find the game in official stores for Ios and Play Market. To do this, just search for “Pokémon” in the Market Search. GO “and download the application to your phone.

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