How To Fix “Content Not Available Facebook”Error?


I was scrolling through Facebook yesterday when I came across ahilarious cat video; a big fluffy Persian cat was trying to squeezeitself into a tiny fishbowl. I laughed for a good five minutes andthen saved that video so I can view it later.

Today, I logged onto my Facebook to watch it again. Imagine myfrustration when instead of a cute, whimsical cat, I got thismessage on my screen:

Well, there was only one thing I could so. I went in search ofthe possible causes and solutions to this frustratingnotification.

Are you experiencing a similar situation? Are you unable toaccess content on Facebook as well?

Here are the top 12 reasons this could have happened to you:

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a group of servers thatensures fast delivery of content in a geographic region. Eachcompany has its own CDN, which makes sure that its content isavailable to the users. If Facebook’s CDN is down because ofhardware or software problems, then users will not be able toaccess content on Facebook.

This can be common for popular content; an image or video whichis being viewed by many users at the same time. The servers may notbe able to handle the online traffic, and thus they can cause a lagof a few minutes.

Solution: This error often resolves itself; you just haveto wait for a few minutes and then refresh the webpage to accessthe content.

Another reason for the content not available notificationis internet connectivity issues. A weak signal or poor connectionwill affect the communication between your system and Facebook.Most of the internet connectivity issues will give the ‘page notavailable’ or ‘page cannot be displayed’ prompt, like this:

Or Like This:

However, sometimes, a poor internet connection will trigger the‘content not available’ error.

Solution: You can solve this problem by connecting yoursystem to a stable network and refreshing the webpage.

This happens rarely, but there is a possibility that you werelogged out of Facebook involuntarily. There is an easy solution,you can refresh the page and check if Facebook displays the loginscreen:

Solution: You can simply reenter your login and passwordto access the content

Another reason that Facebook is showing you the content notavailable notification is that the content may have beendeleted by the user. Sometimes page administrators and Facebookusers delete their posts.

Once they remove the content, you are unable to access the filebecause it no longer exists on Facebook.

How many times have you deleted an embarrassing post? Was it aten-year-old picture in which you had made some very questionablefashion choices? Or a video in which you thought you were dancinglike Jackson, but it was more like Puff Daddy

Solution: There is no solution, you can ask your friendto post it again, but it may not be helpful ?

You may be unable to seen content because the poster/creator ofthe content has changed the privacy settings of the post.

Facebook offers four levels of privacy to its users:

  • Public – which is open to all
  • Friends – Your Facebook friends will be able to view thecontent
  • Only Me – Only the profile owner is able to view thecontent
  • Custom – You can select who among your friends sees thecontent

If you are unable to view content that was posted by yourfriend, public profile, page, or group, then they may have changedthe privacy settings of the post. It is possible that they havechosen to hide the post from everyone or selected people (includingyou).

Solution: Become better friends with the user, so theyinclude you in their posts ?

Another common reason for not being able to view desired contentis that the user profile or page, which posted the content, hasbeen deleted. Sometimes page administrators delete their Facebookpages or groups, and they deactivate their profiles.

Once the profile is deactivated, all content posted by thatprofile becomes unavailable for viewing.

Solution: There is no solution unless you can convinceyour friend to reactive their account.

You may be unable to view content because Facebook has removedit. Facebook has the right to remove content which is against itsprivacy policies and community standards.

Facebook removes content which is offensive according to thefollowing community standards:

  • Adult Nudity and Sexual Activity
  • Hate Speech
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Violent and Graphic Content
  • Terrorist Propaganda
  • Child Nudity and Sexual Exploitation of Children
  • Regulated Goods Violation
  • Spam Content

Facebook claims that it uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) andhuman search to identify content which violates its contentpolicies. In addition, users can also report content asoffensive/abusive

Facebook reviews the post which has been reported by a user andremoves it from Facebook if it is offensive.

Have you ever reported an offensive post? What was it about?Tell us in the comments section.

Solution: Appeal to Facebook that the content was notabusive

Just like Facebook can delete content, it can also delete userprofiles or suspend Fb pages and groups. If Facebook suspects thatthe User Profile is malicious; that it is fake account or it isbeing used to post abusive content, then Fb will lock the accountpending review.

Facebook has the right to temporarily or permanently deleteFacebook accounts of its users. Once the account has been deletedor suspended, you will not be able to view any content which theuser uploaded. If you try to access the profile, then Facebook willshow the following notification:

However, if you try to access the content which the user posterthen Facebook will show you the content not availablenotification.

Wait, what? How is that possible?

It is definitely possible; the user may have shared the contentwith you through messenger, may have tagged you in the post, ormentioned you in the comment of the post. So, you still have thenotification in your own profile, and you may try to access thecontent from that notification. However, since the account issuspended, you will not be able to view it.

Solution: Wait for Facebook to lift the ban.

One of the most common reasons for the error is the age limit.Facebook pages and groups are allowed to select the age group,which can see the content they post.

Commonly, the age restriction is set for individuals under 18.However, it can be any age which has been chosen by the admin. Ifyou do not meet the age limit requirement, then you will not beable to view the content.

Solution: You can alter your age to meet thespecification of the age limit. However, do it at your own riskbecause Facebook may punish you for lying about your age. We do notrecommend it.

Facebook allows its users to set geographic restrictions alongwith age restrictions. Page and group administrators are allowed toselect the countries of their choice. Apart from page admins, thegovernment of a country may also restrict content.

Many countries have either banned Facebook or have allowedrestricted access to their citizens. China and Iran are thebiggest examples; these countries monitor Facebook heavily, andmost of the content is not available. If the government has posed arestriction on the content, then you are most likely to viewcontent not available prompt.

Solution: In case the government is restricting content,users may access Facebook from VPN to view the content. However, wedo not recommend breaking the law, your government can punish youfor it.

The privacy setting of a user account may restrict you fromviewing certain content. If you do not have permission to view aprofile, then you will not be able to view the content even if youhave its link.

Let me make it more simple.

Let’s say that You are friend’s with Sara on Facebook and Sarais friends with Rob. However, you are not friends with Rob. Rob’sprofile is restricted; only his friends can view his profile andthe content he posts.

Now, Rob posted a picture which Sara could see. She found thepicture funny and shared it with you. You clicked on the link, andFacebook showed you the content is not availablemessage.

You had the link to the content, but you were unable to see thecontent because you did not have permission.

Solution: Unless you have permission, you can’t view thefile. No means No.

Finally, sometimes you will view the content notavailable message because a virus or bug has infiltrated yoursystem. Many people report that they cannot view content eventhough they are not experiencing any of the problems statedabove.

Solution: You should install an anti-virus program onyour system and run a scan to get rid of the bug. You should thenrestart your computer/system and log on to Facebook again.

If the problem still persists, then you should contact Facebookhelp center.

Will I see the content not available message if someone hasblocked me?

This is a common assumption, but it is not true. If someoneblocks you from Facebook, then you are not able to see theirprofile and all the content, they shared with you will disappearwithin minutes.

So, don’t worry, refresh your page instead of accusing yourGirlfriend of blocking you from Facebook. ?

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