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Back in the day, we were quite used to online discussion boardsand forums but since facebook started impacting the internet, moreand more people are inclined to use Facebook groups instead offorums.

Facebook made it very easy for everyone to create a group sinceit didn’t require any technical knowledge like forums etc. Andthanks to fiverr where you can buy different services to related tofacebook groups to speed up your process.

Facebook groups became a great marketing tool for entrepreneurs,coaches, Saas companies and what not. Even family members usuallyhang around in facebook groups, share photos, videos etc.

Sharp minded marketers turned facebook groups into a moneymaking machine. They started monetizing the groups using a lot ofdifferent techniques. There are a lot of methods you can monetizeyour facebook group. Lets deep dive into each one.

Promoting Affiliate Offers

Making money using affiliate marketing can be very lucrative ifyou push the right product/services to your group audience. Sinceyou are in control of your group, you can pretty much promoteanything that you think can be a good fit for yourmembers.

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There are a lot of affiliate programs you can to find if thereare any relevant offers in your industry. Clickbank,Shareasale, Amazon are one of the biggest affiliateprogramsout there. Nonetheless, you can find a lot of other affiliateprograms as well.

Google ” You Industry Affiliate Program” and you’ll be able tofind to of them.

The other thing you can do is to find relevant product/servicesin your niche, and if they do not have an affiliate program, reachout them and ask for it! If they are not open to an affiliateprogram, you can simply ask for a discount code that you can sharewith your audience and that way, you can track sales with thatspecific company and crack a deal to earn some money.

You can continuously push messages across your group. Thebest way you can promote your offer is to post a sticky note alongwith your affiliate offer.

Selling your own Products/Service

If you have your own product/services, you can leverage Facebookgroups to push out your message even further. A lot of folks useFacebook groups with the additiontotheir othermarketing channels, ( blogs, podcasting etc) and use it forcommunity building.

But I know a lot of guys who entirely run their business onfacebook groups.

Promoting your own stuff and affiliate stuff is almost the same.The only difference is that in your own stuff, you are morepersonal towards your offering and you are the person behind thebusiness. And in affiliate offers, you are just another personpromoting someone else product.

Do not push your message quite hard. Add some value to thecommunity, slow and steady increase your members and then you canstart promoting your stuff using normal posts and stickynotes.

Small little hack: Ask questions from newmembers before you accept them as members. This can help to weedout spammers and time wasters.

If your facebook group is new, you can buy facebook groupmembers, and once you have some initial traction, more and moremembers are going to kick in automatically.

Leveraging your facebook group for community building andpersonal brand

Making money online is not just throwing an affiliate link andgetting some sales. It is a real business and you have to makedeeper connections in your industry and build your brand if youwant to play the long game.

The more deeper connections you have in the industry, the moreopportunities are going to knock your door.

You can use your facebook group to just spread your world out.And build community and brand for your business. This is long termapproach which can indirectly make you money in the longrun.

Let me give you an example: Check out LionZeal FacebookGroup Dyrol Russor, created a Facebook group tocreate SEO community and he is crushing it and getting some hugemomentum. He currently has over 20,000 group members. He blogs

There are a lot of other guys and gals that are crushing it withfacebook groups. You can do some research on your own and figureout what works for you. if you have any questions, please commentbelow.

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