How to get Your Facebook page on google


If you recently created a Facebook page for your business andwant google to index your page or you have an old Facebook pagethat Google isn’t indexing

This detailed post might be quite helpful to you. With therecent change by Google in their search algorithm, it is now evenmore difficult to bring up your page ranking up on the Googlesearch results.

The more you push your Facebook page to google using differentSEO tactics, the more likely you increase your chance of beingranked higher in Google.

Here are few steps you can take to index and rank your Facebookpage on google.

How to Index your Facebook Page in Google

Google has their own crawlers and it automatically searches fornew web pages. Since there are Millions of Pages created each day,it is not cost effective for Google to index each and every pageright away.

Update: Google Search Console tool isn’t workinganymore. You can’t submit your Facebook URL to google and requestfor indexing.

The first thing you can do is to create page that is exactly asyour business name or website. Easily pronounceable Facebook pagesare indexed very quickly by google.

Embed your Facebook page in your Website

This is very important step, because it indicates you are theowner of the page and build trust in eyes of google.

If you don’t know how to embed Facebook in a website, Read thispost. It’s pretty simple!

You know, backlinks are one of the top ranking factor ingoogle. The more links you build the higher your page rank ingoogle.

Throwing some backlinks to your Facebook page can really pushits ranking in google. You can obviously link it from your ownwebsite(s) and other sites as well.

If you are currently doing any link building campaign for yoursite, blend on your Facebook page and try to get some backlinks toyour page. Since Facebook already has a lot of domainauthority, you can get instant results with few backlinks.

Therefore, i suggest to hire some online to build link for yourFacebook page

There are lot of services online that you can use. Fiverr is mybest marketplace for building links.

Place your order and ask your seller to build linksto Facebook page instead of a website.

  • Choose your seller wisely.
  • You can try it for $7.00
  • Check review of the seller
  • The usually deliver in 2 Days.
  • Money back guarantee.

Show me list of sellers

Write a compelling description (120-130 alphabets)

The description and title of your page play a vital role inranking. if your title and description are contrary to each other,you might end up losing ranking position in google.

Your Description must be between 120 to 130 alphabets long. Andrelated to the topic/niche of your page.

If you have a business address, include it in your Facebookpage. It helps Facebook and google to show relevant results basedon users location.

Co-Relation between Your Facebook page andWebsite.

This is very important. Your goal is to dominate Google withyour properties.

What does it means?

If someone searches for your brand on Google. You want to rankyour website, Facebook Page, Twitter page etc. This builds hugeauthority in front of your potential costumers.

You can simply link your Facebook page from your website and youprove the correction between your business website and your page.Now you improved your chance of getting your Facebook page rankedhigher especially for brand type queries.

Increase Review on your Facebook Page

In some categories, you are allowed to accept reviews frompublic on your Facebook page. The amount of review and the numberof average stars you get can make or break your ranking.

Getting a decent amount of Facebook reviews might be tricky. Butthere are simple tactics you can use to push your audience andcustomers to your Facebook page and ask them for a review.

Here are few of them which might be a bit counter intuitive butyou can get some food for thought:

Announce incentive and giveaway to your customersthat leave a review on your Facebook page. This small bribe willpull more and more people and you can get a decent amount ofreviews in less time.

You can integrate this in your current marketing funnel. Onceyour product/service is delivered, you automatically follow yourcostumers asking them for a review. You’d be surprised the numberof reviews you can get this way for almost free! Assuming that youare providing top notch customer support and do not have anycomplaints.

You can also buy 5 star Facebook reviews if you havelittle money but no time to invest.

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