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More and more people are taking interest in Facebook groupswhich is essentially taking over old school onlineforums.

Let alone i know people who are making a living from monetizingtheir Facebook group. Facebook groups can be a great source if sideor full time income if done right.

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Are these people real ?

The members we add are absolutely real people.

We different Facebook accounts with thousands of friends. We addthem to your Facebook group some users may leave your group butyou’ll get number of members we promised here.

Don’t expect any sales/leads from these members. Usethem to grow your Facebook group number and attract more real andquality users.

These members are solely purpose of kicking your group members.Since no one is going to join your group if you have just 5members. The more member you have, the more likely you get rankhigher in Facebook search results and more likely your groupvisitors are going to convert in members.

Country Specific Users: We cannot send countryspecific group members. All our profiles are general. We get toomany requests for customized members. Since there are a lot ofcountries, it is almost impossible for us to keep profiles tailoredto each country.

There is no risk to your Facebook account

Everything we do is external. We do not ask for any user id andpassword. So, there no risk at your end of getting your accountbanned or something along those lines.

The only risk is that our accounts might get banned. But that isquite rare since we maintain them quite regularly and they act likenormal accounts. If you have any issues in the future with ourusers, you can reach out to me and I’ll send you replacementmembers.

How to Rank Your Group in Facebook SearchResults

Facebook has its own algorithm to rank groups in their searchresults.

Ranking factors includes but not limited to:

1) Keywords

2) Number of group members

3) Your Location

4) Your friends who already joined the same group.

5) etc.

These factors same times overlap each other but you got the bigpicture. Lets discuss each factor one by one.

1) Keywords

Keywords plays significant role when it comes to ranking.

For Example if you type ” Weight loss” In Facebook searchresults, lot of groups will be popup that has this keyword in thetitle or the description.

Before naming your group, you must conduct detailed keywordresearch.

There are mainly two type of people who run and manage facebookgroups.

The first type of people already has great brand and authorityin their space and they use Facebook group as additional tool ofcommunication and community building. For Example

Patt Flyn


The other group of people are behind the scene and they do nothave any trust and authority. They want to leverage Facebooktraffic and algorithm to attract large amount of audience to theirgroup.

And that is the reason they solely depend on traffic and memberswithin Facebook.

How to Pick keywords for you Facebook Group

Facebook do not provide any data about how many people aresearching specific keyword in Facebook.

You have to be clever to toss up some cool name ideas that canbe easily pronounced and unique.

To get clue about the popularity of a keyword phrase, check itin Facebook yourself. See how many groups are popping up and howmany members they have.

This keyword may be your seed keywords and are 2 words long inmost cases.

For Example ” Weight loss”

UbberSuggest and Ahref are great tools to check the popularityof a keywords.

Even tough, these tools are created for google by who knows ?People are searching same keyword in Facebook to find relatedgroups and meet with like minded people to solve specificproblem

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2) Your Facebook Member Count

Number of group members indicates how popular a group is.

The more members you have the more Facebook push you higher inranking to attract more active users.

Facebook need more active users to boost their ad revenue.

Facebook also track how often users click on your group and joinwhen they put keywords in facebook.

In a nutshell, Facebook count your members count aspositive ranking single and push you up inranking.

Your goal should be to gain as much as members possible.

3) Your Location

Facebook track your location and show you groups that are localin your area. ( Created or moderated by local people)

It totally make sense. If you are in Loss angles and searchingfor ” job Hunters or ” Food Lovers” groups, Facebook is going toshow you local search results.

Facebook algorithm is pretty intensely complicatedand we can talk hour discussing it.

But this applies to if you are creating community for localpeople. The other factor is discussed still applies to this.

Your Friends Activity

Facebook socially connect people from different part of theworld. Your friend list dictates what type of search resultsFacebook will show you.

This is pretty handy feature if you see a friend of yours joineda group that you are searching for, you’ll be included to join thegroup immediately.

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