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Did you know that there is a hacker attack every 39 seconds?Cyber Security is such a big concern that Mark Zuckerberg hasdeclared that Facebook will spend $3.7 billion on safety andsecurity in 2019.

Cybercriminals hack user data to obtain information which can beransomed or used for financial gains. Have you been a target ofsuch a hack?

Has your Facebook account been hacked and the emailchanged?

Here is what you can do to recover your account:

Method 1: Try recovering your Facebook account

If you are unable to log in to your Facebook account because ahacker has changed your email address, then you need to access theFacebook Recovery Page by clicking the link below.

Once you click the page, you will be redirected to the ‘ReportCompromised Account.’ Select the ‘My Account Is compromised’button, as shown in the image below:

After clicking the button, you will be directed to the ‘Findyour Account’ page. You will be prompted to find your account byentering the email address and phone number associated with youraccount.

The screen will be as shown below:

You can enter your email address and phone number to find youraccount. However, If the hacker has changed your email address,then there are two options available to you:

  • You can use your phone number to find your account
  • You can use your username to find your account

As an example, I searched for my User Name on Facebook. Here ishow I did it:

Once you have entered your username, hit the search button, andFacebook will find your account.

Facebook will prompt you to enter the current or old passwordthat you remember.

It is likely that the hacker has changed your password alongwith your email. Thus, Facebook will show you that you have enteredan old password and will prompt you to select the ‘secure myaccount’ button.

You should select the ‘secure my account button’ to be able torecover your account.

Next Facebook will show you this screen:

It will ask you to choose an option for password recovery. Youcan send the setting to reset your password to your email addressand your phone numbers. If the email is changed then you shouldsend the instructions to your phone number, like this:

However, if the hacker has changed both recovery phone numbersas well, then you should click ‘No longer have access tothese?’ option at the bottom left corner of the page. Ihave highlighted the area in the image below:

When you select the ‘No Longer have access to these’ link,Facebook will give you an option of ‘Enter password to log in’.Select this button to proceed further. See the image below forreference

Once you select the ‘enter password to login’ Facebook willallow you to enter your password and access your account. Once youregain access to your Fb account, you can go to the setting andchange your email and phone number again.

If you are still unable to login, then select ‘I cannot accessmy email address.’ Unfortunately, Fb will not be able to help youafter that. You may not recover your account if that happens.

This method did not work for you? Are you still unable torecover your account?

Don’t lose hope! There is one more method up our sleeve ?

Method 2: Recovering your Account through Trusted Contacts

Facebook has set up ‘Trusted Contact’ to help you recover youraccount if you ever get locked out. You have to select 3-5 friendsto be your trusted contacts. If you are locked out of your Fbaccount, these friends will be able to send you a recovery codethrough a unique URL. You can use this code to recover youraccount.

So, now that your account is hacked, you can send requests toyour friends to send you the recovery password.

You can follow these steps to send requests to your trustedcontacts:

    1. Go to the login page of Facebook.com and select forgotaccount?
    2. If prompted, find your account by entering your email, phone,username or full name, and click Search.
    3. Facebook will show you a list of email addresses and phonenumbers. If you do not recognize any of these email addresses orphone numbers, click No longer have access to these?
    4. In the dialogue box, write an email address or phone numberwhich you can access and click continue
    5. Now select Reveal Trusted Contacts and type the fullname of 3-5 trusted contacts
    6. Once you have entered the correct names, you will see a linkthat contains a recovery code. You will not be able to see therecovery code; only your trusted contacts can view it.
    7. Send this link to your friends via email
    8. They will open the link and get access to a logincode
    9. Ask them to send the login code to you
    10. Use this login code to recover your account

Pro Tips

Once you have recovered your account, please upgrade yoursecurity so that you don’t get hacked again. Here are some thingsyou can do to keep your account safe:

  • Create A Unique Fb Password

Do you have the same password for all your online accounts? Isit your pet’s name? :p Don’t be embarrassed; it’s a common mistake.Most people have one password for all their accounts because it ishard to keep track of multiple passwords.

To increase your security, make sure that you:

  • Have a unique password for every account. If you are unable toremember passwords use an app to keep track of your passwords suchas LastPass or Dashlane.
  • Never share your password with anyone
  • Don’t use common words as your password; your password shouldbe hard to guess. Tip: Use a combination of small and capitalletters, use at least one number and one symbol in yourpassword.
  • Use Facebook’s Extra Security measures

Facebook has introduced extraordinary measures to protect yourFb account. Activate these measures to make sure that no one canhack your account again. Make use of:

  • App passwords
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Code generator
  • Make Sure that you have a secure internet connection andsystem

You can do this by running anti-virus on your computer:

    • For Windows
    • For Mac
  • Always log out of Facebook when using a shared computer. Ihave found it helpful to use Facebook in the incognito mode whenusing a shared computer.
  • Make Sure that the email account associated with Fb isSecure
  • Be careful when downloading things online

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