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Do you have a Facebook page and you want to increase itsreviews? Getting a few 1-star Facebook reviews can really destroyyour online reputation.

The more 5 star reviews you get on Facebook, the higher itpushes you up in ranking and the more brand advocate you get.Facebook reviews have an indirect impact on your brand and salesoverall.

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If you don’t have a Facebook page in the first place. Pleasecreate one and index it on google right away before readingthis article.

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Consumers are getting more smart and clever after quicktechnological developments. They are aware that you can simply findabout any company online by just conducting a google search.

This is bad and good at the same time. You are exposed toeveryone out there and the good news is that you are reaching avery broad audience.

I assume that you are generating customers and leads online, youmust invest in your brand loyalty and figure out what yourcustomers are saying about you online.

One or even a couple of 1-star reviews against you can reallysnowball and impact negatively on your business. See how bad itlooks to potential costumers.

importance of Facebook Reviews

Facebook uses a review page to help customers make purchasedecisions. The number of star ratings your business has, dictatesits reach, visibility and whether your posts will appear on thenews feed or not. Companies are now taking advantage of the reviewpage to generate more sales leads, improve SEO and reduce theirmarketing expenses.

The second benefit of high 5-star Facebook review is that yourFacebook page starts ranking for different keywords around yourbrand.

For Example;

Your Brand

Your Brand + Reviews

Your Brand + Facebook

If you set up your page with review option, and your potentialcustomer search on google, it is most likely that your Facebookpage will pop up on the right side of the search results along withdifferent social profiles, a Wikipedia page and other differentonline profiles like yellow pages etc

These type of results appear after your website in most cases ongoogle.

Don’t know how to make your Facebook page searchable on google?Here is a detailed article by brand yourself.

Beating your competition

As a true entrepreneur, you should be doing the stuff that yourcompetition isn’t doing. It is not easy to beat your competition,especially in tough competition.

Getting more and more 5-star review is a good strategy to pushyour message across different platform and convert more skepticalpotential buyers into costumes.

You know there are a lot of shady people out there who send afake 1-star review to your page, you can use our service to kind ofmask it up and increase your overall stars.

How can Facebook stars build your brand trust?

The number of star reviews your company page has will influencethe action your customers will take immediately when the reviewsget displayed. Customers rely on reviews to make decisions, and ifyour business reviews are good, definitely customers will buy yourproducts and services.

No one is going to trust you if you have 2 star Facebookreviews. Customers will always be skeptical about your business andchances are they will choose your competitors over you. This willeventually impact your brand image, your sales, and even rankingson Google and other search engines.

Here is how we can help you

Buying genuine Facebook reviews can help you make your companypage look authentic, credible and appealing to your customers.

If you are looking forward to gaining online authority, do notpull your hair anymore. We got your back. We are here to help youincrease your Facebook reviews and improve your visibility andreach.

Buy Facebook Ratings | 10 Five Star Ratings for$5.00Buy Facebook Ratings | 10 Five Star Ratings for$5.00Buy Facebook Ratings | 10 Five Star Ratings for$5.00

Our team members will like your page and provide a 5-starreview. Imagine the impact if we create your overall score from 3to 4.8?

Sound good, right? Just with this small investment, yourbusiness can make a lot of sales, become more reputable, lower yourmarketing expenses, and stand out from your competitors.

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Buy Facebook Ratings | 10 Five Star Ratings for$5.00

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