How to get free Dropbox space (Updated2020)


Have you been struggling to pay for your Dropbox storage spaceevery month and probably need additional storage without having topay the hefty amount to Dropbox each Month? Not anymore!!

Today I am going to share my secret weapon with you that willbring you unlimited referrals faster.

Best thing about The hack

You can save hundreds of dollars because you do not have to paya monthly fee. Better still, you can still repeat the same processto claim more free space.

TheDropbox referral programchanges overtime.. And as of 2019, you can get:

  • 500 MB for each referral and earn a maximum of up to 16 GB forDropbox Basic accounts
  • 1 GB for every referral and earn a maximum of up to 32 GB forDropbox Plus and Professional accounts

However, besides their ever-changing referral program, thetechnique I use to get more and more referrals still works in 2019.I keep refining and tweaking it to stay up to date with Dropbox newpolicy and algorithmic changes.

But you know nothing is perfect, and there are alwaysloopholes and ways to navigate through. There might be some flawsin this method as time pass on. Feel free to comment on this postand let me know what you think.

Despite Dropbox being a well established company which getsmillions of users on their referral program, their engineers arehitting it quite hard to make it foolproof.

Don’t Want to Do it Yourself ?

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Get Upto 500 MB for Free

I have been doing this for years and i have tested lot ofdifferent strategies myself. The one i am sharing below worked likea charm and it worked every single time. I update this postevery quarter to make it relevant and make sure it stillworks.

How to get Free Dropbox Space:

Dropbox gives you 500 MB space per referral. You can invite amaximum of 32 friends and get up to 18 GB space for free. Nobodyhas such a large number of friends in the circle who can use it totheir advantage.

You need to think outside the box, I am giving you a few ideasyou can use to leverage your network and encourage another user tosignup and Dropbox using your referral link.

In hiring and on boarding process you already use files anddocuments with your employee and potential candidates. Why notshare your Dropbox referral link and claim free space? Dropboxwon’t’ credit you if you share folder directly. But you can do itthe other way, first, share your referral link and then share yourfiles. This works all the time! If you have access to a large poolof candidates and individual you can get 32 referrals prettyeasily.

If you are either hiring yourself or working for a company on ahiring spree, it can really help you to get lot of referrals in ashort amount of time.

2. Get Referrals using GeoProxy free Chrome Plugin

The first step to undertake is to change your IP address.The easiest and free way to change your IP address is toinstallGeoProxy Chrome Plugin.

The process is easy and simple. Select any country andyou’ll get a range of IP address. Randomly select IP address andrestart your Chrome browser. Your IP is changed!UseIP Chickento confirm that your ipaddress is changed.

Do not try to do it from the same IP address, other wise dropboxwould block your IP address and you won’t be creditedanymore.

Once you have changed your IP address, the next step is tocreate a new email address. It doesn’t have to be unique, just aregular Email created with Gmail, or Yahoo is ok. In case you maybe having any difficulty with the popular email service providers,you can use free service called10 Minute Email.

With the ten-minute Email service, you can create a disposableemail address that can only last for 10 minutes.

At this point, you should be having a new IP address and newEmail address.

Step-2 Grab your Referral Link and SendInvite.

The second step is now to send a referral link to your new Emailaddress. Here is step by step process to grab your referrallink

To invite someone

Log on to

Click the avatar on the top of any page.



If you paired work and personal account, selectthePersonal

ClickInvite a friend. You can invitefriends using an email address. Enter the email address you createdin Step-1

Alternatively, you can click oninvite.

You can read more about Referral programhere.

Step-3 Install DropBox on New Machine (Using New MACaddress)

Now you have a New IP address, and an email invite in yourinbox that you sent to yourself in Step-2, the final step toundertake is to accept the invite and install Dropbox on yoursupposedly new machine to claim your free space.

But before that, you need first to change your MAC addressbefore accepting the invite. Because dropbox track your MAC addressand if you keep using the same address for each invite it won’twork and you will not any credit.

First you have toremove your browser cookies. Learnmore about removing cookiesfromChromeandFirefoxeasily.

To change your MAC address, you can use a free softwarecalledTechnitium MAC Address Changer.Here arestep by step instructions you can use to change your MAC addressusing Technitium.rocket

  1. Starting MAC address changer will list all available networkadapters.
  2. Select the adapter you want to change the MAC address. You willget the details of your selection below.
  3. In the Information tab, find the Change MAC Address frame.Enter new MAC address in the field and click Change Now! button.You may even click Random MAC Address button to fill up a randomlyselected MAC address from the vendor list available.

To restore the original MAC address of the network adapter,select the adapter, click Restore Original button in the Change MACAddress frame.​

Source Technitium

​If you are a bit technical, you can change your MACaddress without downloading any software. Watch below video tolearn exactly how you can do it.

After you have changed your MAC address, now you can accept theinvite, and create a new Dropbox account. Now that you spoofed yourmac address, Dropbox won’t know that you are on the samecomputer.

Sign up and verify the Email address. Complete the process bydownloading the Dropbox application on your machine.

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Average american send about 50 emails on daily basis. So if youwant some extra free space on your dropbox account, grab yourdropbox referral link and use it in your email signature with anice call to action encouraging your readers to click on yourlink.

It can really help you if you have lot of connections and yousend out emails on daily basis.

You only need 32 referrals to get maximum 18 gb of extra spaceso it’s not that difficult if you keep it in your email signaturefor couple of months.

4. Be Dropbox Evangelist in your work place

The idea behind Dropbox referral program is to get more eyeballsas possible and that’s what you should be doing.

Everyone is using cloud storage. In your workplace, always talkabout how good dropbox is from other cloud storage companies andtry to get your co-worker signup using your referrallink.

Always use dropbox to store official files and encourage othersto do.

Whenever you create a new file, and you have to share it withyour new co-worker, send them your referral link to signup. You canpick up a nice referral bonus this way.

Share Dropbox with yourCustomers

If you are reading this article, I am quite sure you are doingsome sort of online business or work. And you already havecustomers and prospect in your network.

You can use them to your advantage, whenever you share fileswith your, use your Dropbox referral link, you’ll be surprised howmuch new referral you can get this way.

5. Entice your friends to Use Dropbox for Photos

When we come back from vacations, all your friends start askingto share their photos. It is the best time to get some free Dropboxspace.

Upload all your photos to a Dropbox Folder and share yourreferral link with all your friends and ask them to signup toaccess the content.

You aren’t asking too much since they are eager to downloadtheir photos they are going to signup right away.

Now your number of friends might be limited so you have to useother strategies to get maximum space.

6. Add Twitter and Facebook to your Dropbox Account

Dropbox has very robust sharing and referralinfrastructure.

They leverage your social network and in return give you somefree space to enjoy!

It is very easily, just go to dropbox space page and you’ll getmore details about latest offers. It only takes few minutes tosetup and you can get upto 500 to 1 GB free space depending on theoffer.

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