How to recover deleted or locked Facebook page?


You decided to delete your Facebook page, but later changed your mind. How to recover your account now? Here we detail everything to you We will tell, and the problem will be solved! Each of us sometimes arises need or desire to delete your page on a social network, and this is not unusual. how to recover facebook account We all once tried retire from various social networks, respectively, the question is how restore your Facebook profile is in demand, create Facebook page is easy. We hasten to reassure you that returning your data to the network is quite simple; simple manipulations and fill out a specific form.

How to recover a page on Facebook?

Log in to Facebook to regain access to your page. and follow simple instructions to verify your identity. You must also check your computer for viruses. For password recovery, you can request a new password by going to link.

  1. Go to the site, enter your data (login password in special cells) that you used previously, click “Login” and go in.
  2. Now the program will ask you to confirm that this account really belongs to you, it’s important moment, in this way the security of your page is increased. Typically, the system asks very simple questions, such as:
    • specify the name of your friend from the proposed photo a list;
    • give an answer to the security question, but in the case when you it was indicated at registration;
    • confirm date of birth or phone number, indicate or no, decide on your own, etc.
  3. Most often, the page again becomes available when you enter data, and additional questions are not asked.

restore page to facebook

As soon as you give the right answers to the questions, you will see the inscription that the page lock is released and Your account is restored or unlocked. All the questions that arise are very simple, not requiring any complex manipulations, so don’t worry, restore your page to Facebook social network is very fast. There is one point which you should know. When you delete your account using a special link: and do not go to the page for two weeks, then it will be impossible to restore it, it will be required new Facebook registration with another postal drawer.

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