How to update Google Chrome to the latest version on the computer


Google Chrome is one of the most popular internet browsers in the world. Usually the browser updates automatically when the advent of a new version of what happens for data security users. But sometimes you need to manually update chrome to latest version. how to update google chrome browser Sometimes automatic Updates can change the look and feel of controls. In this article we will figure out what to do if automatic update did not install and how to check the current version of google chrome.

How to update Google Chrome manually on a computer

As we pointed out earlier, usually browser updates happen in background mode. But if you have not closed the browser completely for a long time, or there was no internet connection, the browser version might be outdated, check the new version or the old one is installed:

  • В правом верхнем углу нажмите на значок chrome settings menu.
  • Color will tell you how long a new update came out:
    1. green: 2 days;
    2. orange: 4 days;
    3. red: 7 days.

Updating Google Chrome to the latest version

  1. We start Chrome.
  2. Нажимаем на значок в правом верхнем углуgoogle chrome menu.
  3. Click on the setting item.
  4. Go to the About tab. If will be shown click the button to update the browser, or it will be written that You have the latest browser version. Google Chrome Browser Update
  5. Doing a browser restart if installed updates.

Those windows and tabs that were opened will be saved and open automatically the next time you start. Can delay update by clicking on the “Not Now” button and the update will install from next launch of the browser.

How to download and install Google Chrome considered earlier on our website.

How to update Chrome on the phone

All Android applications are updated automatically if you Enabled this feature in the Play Market settings. Verify availability of updates can be done manually:

  1. Запустите Play Маркет play.
  2. Go to the menu in the upper left corner, open “My applications and games “and go to the” There are updates “section.
  3. We find the Google Chrome browser application.
  4. If the browser is in the list of updates, install the latest version.

update chrome to android

If you have any questions, ask them in the comments, we we will help to solve them.

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