Mobile version of VKontakte (VK) – Login to website


Upon entering the mobile version of VKontakte, the user receives the ability to visit your page on a social network from a computer, as well as from a mobile device, if connected to The internet. Mobile version of VKontakte Mobile login for Computers and laptops have become very popular. Being on work, rest, on the road you can freely go to your page, because administrators and providers are not always block access to it. This version of the site allows you to save traffic, because all information is transmitted in a small format in compressed form.

Mobile version of VKontakte (VK) for the computer – login to website

Go to the mobile version of the VKontakte website by link.

mobile version vk on pc

This is one of the most popular social networks in the world, each millions of users visit their page every day, not be sure to log in all the time from the computer. You can log in mobile phone or tablet to be in touch with friends wherever you are.

Login data is sent to the specified number or address email during registration, which is then used as login, then you can go to the mobile version of Vkontakte on your computer or mobile device. Using a mobile number (if one attached to the page), you can quickly restore access to the page upon loss of password.

Mobile version of My Page

The main task of the mobile version is simple and convenient use of “My page”, and so that all are accessible features that are in the full version of the site. As a result, we got a convenient and functional version. When entering the menu are shown all necessary sections with clear icons:

menu in the mobile version

  • “My friends” – here we see the profile picture of friends and a link to quickly go to them on the page, the number is also indicated phone, if the user indicated it in his profile. friends
  • News and Mine photos “are displayed as on a computer version.
  • Messages display the latest dialogs, and when you click on a specific, a transition to the page dialogue with a specific person. messages vk

Using, the system takes into account limitation of the amount of Internet traffic and a possible reduction data transfer rates. Because of this, all the information from the page, photos and videos especially, are downloaded in compressed form.

Simply and conveniently realized receiving messages, gifts and reminders by clicking on which there is an instant transition to that area.


If necessary, write a message, enter the group, browse news. tape, at any time you can use such features:

  • If you have internet on your smartphone or tablet, no problem You can enter your page through the mobile version (VK).
  • Not viewed by system administrator;
  • All mobile devices have great functionality. opportunities, there are quality cameras. Communication in VK mobile full version.

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The mobile version of VKontakte in the official app for mobile devices

Download the official application for mobile devices based on Android or iOS can be in the official device stores:

  • Google Play for Android devices.
  • AppStore for iOS devices.
  1. To install, follow the link above, or on your device enter the application store and write in the search “In contact with” install vk application
  2. This application works online, messages from Users come with an alert.
  3. In design and features, the application is the same as on mobile version of VKontakte (VK).
  4. Using the application saves resources and battery power, in low energy consumption, which can not be said about mobile version of the site.

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