Vkontakte page is blocked. what do?


Blocked Vkontakte page if you encounter such a nuisance, then do not really worry. Administration never they don’t block just like that, there is always a good reason for this. You you may not know her, but always on your page when blocking the reason is also indicated. Administration will quickly fix the problem and will restore your page if it does not violate any rules.

what to do if the VKontakte page is blocked forever

If when trying to log in Vkontakte, you see the message “Spammers used your page for mass entry into groups for the purposes of advertising and promotion of these groups “what to do? The page could be hacked and acted on your behalf, for example joining different groups and sending spam messages. In order to All this stop page is blocked, and requires a password change. If you yourself participated in some kind of wrapping, all the fault lies with You. You can also block Vkontakte page for spamming messages, advertising, etc. and one of the users complained about your page. You should be aware that re-locking It is also recommended to become about how you can secure VK page from hacking.

Blocked VKontakte page for breaking the rules

The first thing to do is check your computer or laptop on viruses to remove all malware with which page may be hacked. Next, restore access to your page.

The recovery process is indicated in the window where you found out about the lock. pages, the deadline is also there. You can find out in detail how to recover Odnoklassniki page and change the password on our site. We recommend reading the rules for using a social network Vkontakte so that such situations do not happen to you.

Vkontakte page froze

It may be that you caught a malware or virus, which redirects your page to a fraudulent site. So that check should be checked by antivirus and clear the cache browser.

How to unlock your Vkontakte page?

Remember that unlocking and restoring a page is free! Vkontakte does not require payment and send a message with phone, transfer money, only scammers do this.

blocked VKontakte page for breaking the rules

Unlock the page before the deadline in the message impossible. If you have any difficulties with recovery, write in the comments, we will tell you what should You do.

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