Vkontakte appeared in the mobile application voice and video calls


A new feature has become available on all devices that work on iOS or Android, and on the latest version of the application. 28 April in the social network VKontakte appeared voice and video calls through the mobile application. To make a call go to chat with a friend and click on the phone icon in the right top corner of the screen. Vkontakte video calls

To activate this function, you need to make a call to a friend, whose birthday was April 28, or that he called you whom this function is already activated. Then you can make calls friends, colleagues, relatives to activate this service for them. The phone does not have to be picked up; when an incoming call will be automatically connected.

voice and video calls on VKontakte

In the VK application for Android, you can use the “picture” function in the picture “and conduct correspondence simultaneously with voice communication or video calling. On iOS, there is no such function yet.

As the developers said, they use an end-to-end system encryption, which guarantees data security, your conversations no one will get, not even the employees of the social network. call quality It happens at a high level.

You can also specify in the privacy settings those who can call you and who not: all users, friends or the selected list people.

If you don’t have friends who have a birthday on April 28th, Leave a link to the VK page in the comments. If your function is active, offer help to others users. Calls are available only in the latest versions. VK applications, but by calling a friend you activate this an opportunity even if he did not update the application.

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