How to download music from VK to phone via Boom – subscription and cancellation


The social network Vkontakte made a special Boom application, through which now listening to music on mobile phones. The service has a paid subscription, with which you can download any tracks to your device to listen to them without Internet connection. How to pay or unsubscribe in Boom app? boom music vkontakte

VKontakte music what will happen next?

Prior to the changes to the music section, all users are official VK applications for mobile could listen saved audio recordings without an internet connection. Now this The function was removed, and you can listen to music from VK only with the Internet. On personal computers, only the design has changed, and these innovations are not tangible yet. Soon music and the web version will also be paid, but you can still download music from VK more details in the article.

Boom app – what is it?

The app has very low ratings from official stores Google Play and App Store. The most important minus is what you have to pay for music, in the functionality and operation of the application there are no minuses. The most tangible plus of this music app is caching. audio files. It has a new design, new sections have been added. and recommendations. The music stream will display your music, friends, different publics and groups where there is a section with music. vk download music from contact via boom application allows you to listen to one track, albums or all songs performer. The list may also include fakes from fans, different remixes. You cannot find a single album, you should find one a song from some album and go through it to all the album. You can download music only on one song, to download everything album, you should add all the tracks to your music library to cache them. There is also a problem with access to some songs. download music from VK to phone for free through the boom

How to download music from the application to the phone

To download audio tracks to your phone or tablet, turn on desired track or album and click on the down arrow near it names, to download the entire album go to the desired album and click on the button “Save all”, all the songs and albums that you upload can be listened to without access to the internet. To download songs to your device, you must have active subscription in the application.

To select where to download music on your phone, go to application settings (three dots in the upper right corner – settings), find the “Save” item and specify where to save the files to the card memory or device memory.

Boom application does not work, what should I do?

Many face such a problem that songs are not saved with paid subscription. To solve it, you must unsubscribe and reinstall the application and re-subscribe.

Boom Subscription Cost and Connection

In the first month, subscription is free, all subsequent months you should pay 149 rubles for Russia and $ 2.99 for others countries. In order to subscribe Boom you must be logged in. through the official Vkontakte application in the settings and find the item “Subscribe to music” and snap your debit or credit card, you can still subscribe via the application Boom, in the settings there is a subscription section.

How to unsubscribe

If you don’t like the first month, cancel a subscription so that the payment is not automatically charged. Subscribe to Boom works through the application store of the platform on which Subscribed: Google Play or App Store.

Unsubscribe from Android (Google Play)

  • Open the Play Store.
  • Go to the “Account” section through the side menu.
  • Select the “Subscriptions” tab.
  • Find a card with the inscription “VKontakte” and in the menu “Management” Unsubscribe.

music subscriptionmusic subscription

How to unsubscribe on iPhone (App Store)

  • In the Settings app on your iOS device, select your name.
  • Find the “iTunes Store and App Store” section and click on your Apple ID account at the top of the screen.
  • In the pop-up menu, select “View Apple ID”.
  • Open the “Subscriptions” section.
  • Find VKontakte in the list and click the unsubscribe button.

Cost from competitors: 159 rubles inGooglePlay Music, 169 rubles in AppleMusic and 169 rubles in Deezer. Everyone has applications have a different interface and some of them are more convenient than Boom. how to unsubscribe from boom vk

Application pros

Boom has one plus compared to competitors, no need re-create your personal music library. If you created it on your Vkontakte page all the tracks will be in this application, the ability save tracks to your phone, no audio ads.

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