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People who use social networks often look for Vkontakte official site login Welcome. Will be below link is provided to go to the official website for computers and phones. My VK page is the face of the user where during registration he enters his personal information, photos, music, chatting with friends and getting to know each other. vk

The home page of our site will help you switch to your Vkontakte page in one click. You will also find many useful articles about VK security settings, as well as entry to other social networks.

We recommend that you check the site address in the line of your browser, so that the link is VK.com, or there may be mirrors site vkontakte.ru, vkontakte.com going to which you still get at vk.com and m.vk.com —Vkontakte mobile version.

Vkontakte Welcome – entrance to the official website

Go to VK: VK.com

Welcome – a greeting form that wears official character. With this phrase you can greet a friend, partner, colleague. This is also considered an invitation. When Want to go in, the site welcomes you somehow, expresses invites you to go inside with hospitality i.e. open your page. Expression in this case is part of speech etiquette, and here use to make contact, establish trust, set up you positive tone. And this it is no coincidence, because it is a social network for those who are ready communication, new acquaintances, glad to meet old new friends. It is important that this site is free and never needs money the entry. The only important thing is to be there I spent my time there.

VKontakte: Welcome

If you go to your page, then you’re ready to start communication and other functions of the social network. It remains only to enter In contact. You need to open its main page and enter your phone number (or Email) and password is in case you are already registered there. Pay attention that it is necessary to enter the left part of the page (where the button “To come in”).

vk my ​​page vkontakte welcome

Here you can register a new Vkontakte page by entering name and surname – pay attention to the central part pages. VKontakte welcomes not only those who are already there registered but new users who only still want to join. Saying to them welcome invites find those people with whom you studied, worked or rested. In addition, it will make it possible to always be connected friends and close people.

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