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Nowadays, anyone can easily translate the necessary article or quote using an online translator, if previously I had to sit over dictionaries, now the translation takes few seconds. You can also listen to how to pronounce words and phrases using the online voice translator, and You can not enter text but pronounce words into the microphone. In this article we want to tell how to use voice Google translator and Yandex translator.

Google voice translator with pronunciation of words online

Google Voice Translator Online

This service from Google allows you to translate words from 103 languages worlds that are very easy to switch. System automatically determines when entering a suitable language and suitable translation language. You do not have to know the source language or document by copying a piece of text paste the text into the input line and click on “Define language”.

To use voice input, on google translator page you need to click the microphone icon and say a word or phrase into the microphone. Key Benefits online voice translator:

  • Great knowledge base. Huge every second the number of words that Voice Translation reproduces. Service is improving all the time, analyzing different words, ways use, features of languages. You can make your own shortcomings in service with a tick.
  • Translation of documents and web pages. If you use voice input, you can pronounce whole sentences and the system will automatically show the translation. with incorrect pronunciation, bugs will be fixed.
  • Fast translation. Translator from google translates in real time. Typing text in a special field, it automatically its translation is processed and displayed. as accurate as possible, offers should be entered to the end.
  • Definition of words. When writing a word in a translator, there will be A list of possible translations and synonyms of this word is shown. The frequency of use of this translation is indicated.

This service is very functional, and also has a special mobile application for phones and tablets. Millions of people all over the world use google translate.

Yandex translator Online voice input

Voice translator Yandex online

Yandex translator will allow you to translate synchronously from more than 95 languages ​​of the world. The principle of work is similar to many others translators: also inserts words or text into one field that need to be translated, choose which language to translate and read transfer with another field. There is also a voice translation function, for just click on the microphone icon and say the words in microphone. One of the pluses is typo-correction.

Like Google translator, you can include pronunciation translation. You can completely translate texts, sites, pictures – the switch is at the top.

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