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You have a desire to read the most fashionable and popular people, or you yourself decided to create yourself a page on Twitter and become popular, anyway we can help you with register an account for free. It doesn’t take much time, but with with our help it will become very simple and exciting.

First, let’s figure out what is Twitter – Twitter – a social network for public exchange short messages via web interface, SMS, tool instant messaging or third-party client programs for Internet users of any age. Publishing short notes in a blog format called microblogging. Using the service is free. Using via SMS charged by the operator according to the tariff plan user.


After registering on Twitter, you can write tweets (small messages up to 140 characters), and your subscribers will be able to read them, You can also subscribe to various people, and see in your stream all messages (tweets) they write.

Attention! It’s worth saying right away that registering on Twitter free so don’t fall for the tricks of the honest people.

How to register on Twitter

We go to the official site, it is very easy and simple. a process that does not take much time and does not require any special data

On the main page of the site we need to select the registration item, and then enter your name and mobile number or use E-mail address.

Twitter in Russian registration

The next step is to create a password for the page, it should consist of at least 6 characters.

register on Twitter in Russian for free

After creating a password, you will be asked to upload a profile photo or you can skip this step.

register on twitter via phone

Indicate your topics of interest to see what people tweet on their tapes about these interests.

what is tweeted

Twitter account blocked

If you skip the previous steps, your account will be immediately blocked. To verify account eligibility, Follow the simple instructions that we describe below.

blocked account on twitter

If you receive the same notification as above in the pictures, click on the start button, and then put a check mark on what it is not a robot.

Twitter account verification

Now you need to enter your mobile phone number. Choose a country code and enter a valid phone number to which a code will be sent.

register on Twitter in Russian for free

After the code arrives in the SMS message on your phone, enter it in the special field and click Submit.


Your page will be unlocked, now you will be redirected to page where you need to indicate your interests, indicate several pieces.

how to unlock page on twitter

According to your interests, the accounts to which can subscribe.

how to subscribe on twitter

Next, your page will open where you can write your tweets, read popular tweets and those who follow.


The whole registration process has been completed. We hope you have helped this article, if you have questions ask them in comments.

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