How to cheat followers on Twitter?


Follower – on Twitter-slang this word is called a user, who has subscribed to your account updates on Twitter. literally English. the word “Follow” translates to “To follow”. If someone follows you on Twitter, then he will see your public posts in his stream in a moment after your publication.

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By the number of followers on Twitter, you can determine the popularity person, understand how interesting he is, as well as the degree of importance and the usefulness of his information. The more followers, the more people finds out about your message. With a large number of readers, you You can quickly increase traffic to your blog, site, online store, for this you just need to leave a link in your On Twitter. You can attach a link to the quote and if you like it users, then they will retweet, that is, they will share it.

How to promote a page on Twitter

The number of followers on the user is shown on the page. When people subscribe to you, it does not oblige you at all subscribe to them. There is no confirmation of friendship on Twitter, as in other social networks. The only thing you can limit your page with privacy settings, then you will confirm Subscribers, allow or block them from reading your posts. A follower can be any page on Twitter, as corporate as well as personal.

Followers can read the news both in the feed and receive them in SMS messages on a mobile phone. Number of subscribers in Twitter is not limited by limits, but the number of those on whom you you can subscribe in a limited way – no more than 2 thousand subscriptions, however specialists are able to overcome this limit.

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A large number of subscribers is on this social network. pride. Therefore, many freelancers, online services and advertising agencies offer Twitter follower services, and also buy followers. Advertisers are very actively using these services. If you add a lot of followers per day, then the administration may freeze your account because it shows the application of programs for wrapping followers. Usually this occurs when you add more than 700 followers per day.

Katie’s Most Popular Twitter Pages Perry (katyperry), speaking of Russian users, then the maximum number of subscribers was dialed by Dmitry Medvedev (medvedevrussia), also a lot of readers of Pope Benedict XVI (Pontifex).

Twitter Very often situations happen that followers do not subscribe to updates, there are a number of reasons for by which this happens:

It is likely that the topic you have chosen is interesting to a narrow circle people or she’s unattractive. Therefore need to change topic.

You were unable to contact your audience. Lecture hall should respect you and pay attention to your notes if you If you only spam, then you won’t be able to establish any contact. Learn to listen to your audience and learn how to interact with it. You have not studied their subscribers. It is very important to know the time of activity readers, track which posts get the most likes and retweets to know what to orient in order to raise the effectiveness of your efforts.

You use only one method of attracting readers, and their because there are so many.

Below are ideas that will help bring in new subscribers to your page.

Name your page according to the popular key, i.e. pick a famous name that is often searched in search engines. Such a solution will help your page to appear in search engines when typing this key, which will lead to you interested followers.

Twitter is a dynamic social network, therefore Use current hashtags. You can find a list of the most used and use them.

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Leave links to Twitter on other social networks, as well as set up Google Adwords and Yandex Direct. This is very influential. on the growth of subscribers. We need to constantly work on the brand image. TO for example, if a user was interested in a brand in one from social networks, then when this brand’s page appears in Twitter, he will certainly become his follower. Image is capable attract at least a three-digit number of followers, but subject to brand recognition.

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Do not spam news feed, leave links to interesting articles, express personal opinion, publish important quotes and link to useful information and then your Twitter account will be read and visited. These tips will help you. increase the number of followers and quickly convey information to them.

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