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Today social network Twitter (rus. Twitter) very popular among many users The Internet. You can use it to send tweets as well as read them. Log in to your page to read tweets and write your own. Login to Twitter on your page

What is Twitter?

Tweets (from “tweet”) are short messages, size which is 140 characters. So, with their help, users this social network they write various concise texts, publish hashtags as well as image links, video. Tweet can be addressed to all subscribers (followers), and to a specific user on the network.

Many famous people from different parts of the world have your Twitter account. Thanks to this media, celebrity fans will learn the latest news from life star people. Owners of smartphones, iPhones, tablets, iPods come to Twitters very often these gadgets when you have access to the Internet. This is very comfortable not only at home, but also at work during the break, at recreation, in public transport, etc.

twitter full version of the site from the phone Twitter login to your page

First of all, you should open the browser with which you use. In the address bar, enter the address of the official Twitter: You will see the main web resource page where you need to enter the phone number, name user or e-mail, as well as the password for your account. IN If you don’t have your Twitter profile yet, then on the same page you can go through the registration procedure for it creation. twitter full version log in So first enter your name and last name, enter your email below and come up with even lower password to enter. After that, click on the button “Registration”. Next you will be redirected to another site page where you can edit the data that were introduced in the previous step. If everything suits you, then click on the blue button with the inscription “Registration”.

Sign up on Twitter Next, the system will prompt you to secure created account. To do this, enter your mobile number phone. If you don’t want to do this, or enter a number later, then you can safely skip this step and move on. On the new open page you need to come up with your nickname (name) account. Remember, you can change this name to any time or specify later. If you specify an invented nickname immediately, you will need to press the blue button with the inscription “Next”. Thus, the registration procedure is completed. Having entered the mail specified at registration, you will open a new letter and verify your account.

How to subscribe on Twitter?

If you want to follow the news that is published interesting person for you, you must first go to the page this user, and then click on “Follow” (“To read”).

how to subscribe to twitter How to write tweets – messages?

In the upper right corner, click “Tweet” (Tweet). You will see a window where you can write anything, and if you want, add a photo, video, poll or gif animation. You can also indicate your location, i.e. then the place you are publishing the tweet from. Twitter users can send private messages, thus, communication takes place tête-à-tête.

how to chat on twitter How to repost in on twitter?

“Retweet” or “retweet” is called a process forwarding someone else’s interesting followers (subscribers). So to share message, you need to click on the retweets icon under it (two L-shaped arrows). And then on the blue button – “Retweet.”

How to share a tweet at home Sign up for social Network Twitter, subscribe to interesting pages and write to your account, whatever you want.

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