What Determines the Rating on IMDb?


Most people have mixed reactions on how IMDb movies and TV showsare rated. And unlike its competitors, (International MovieDatabase) IMDb prides itself on quality. IMDB users have the powerto express how they feel about new title releases and can castvotes on a scale of one to ten in regards to merit. IMDb relies onuser ratings to determine how high a film ranks.

Aside from casting votes, IMDb users can review movies inregards to their experience. IMDb has a rating feature on thereview section which allows users to rate other user reviewsregarding how useful a review is. The feature helps other users todecide whether to watch a film or not.

What Determines the Final IMDb Movie Ratings?

IMDB use their own algorithm to determine the number of votesand their quality. The number of votes influences IMDb ratingscheme. However, before IMDb calculates the final rating of amovie, each cast vote is keenly evaluated. Though each cast vote isused to compute a single rating, IMDb does not determine theresults based on mean or average votes but on weighted averageinstead. The evaluation of each vote is to help IMDb identify whovoted.

Despite the fact that IMDb displays all the votes cast, for anIMDb vote to count, it has to be from a registered user. To makesure the voting process is fair to all, a registered user is onlyallowed to rate a movie once. Besides, users have a right to makechanges when they wish to.

In case an IMDb user updates the rating on a particular film,the new rating overwrites the previous one. This is the reason whymost movie rating goes down without showing any change in thenumber of votes.

Why are IMDb Ratings Weighted?

As much as votes from registered counts when calculating thefinal film ratings, all votes do not have the same weight. IMDbvalues user experience and each vote from a registered user canimpact the ratings. According to IMDB only cast votes from regularIMDb voters are used to determine which Top-Rated TV Shows and TopRated Movies will be on the list.

The reason why IMDb final rating is weighted is that each votehas its weight. However, the number of movies a regular user hasvoted for determines the vote weight.

Though IMDb does not disclose the number of movies a user musthave voted for to be listed on the Top 1000 voters list, voters whohave voted for the most IMDb rating poll have more weight.

While receiving votes from these voters can help your film tostand a chance of getting listed on the Top 250 IMDb list, gettinga negative review can impact your ratings as well. IMDb carriesvotes from its regular users with much weight, and this is thereason behind frequent film rating fluctuations.

The IMDb rating scheme allows internet users across the globe tomake right decisions on whether to watch a movie or not. Wheninternet users search for movies online, and the film happens to beon IMDb, Google will display the movie with IMDb rating. And ifyour film is poorly rated, chances are customers will choose yourcompetitors over you. But if your film has good ratings, you willdominate well in the industry.

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