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The more Linkedin Connections you have the higher linkedin rankyou in search results which opens lot of other doors to generateleads and connections.

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Here is the deal, you get a file with well over 10,000LION’s that you can upload to your Linkdin account and you’ll beauto accepted by these active users.

Who are LIONs ? It stands for Linkedin OpenNetworker. These are people who are willing to connect witheveryone on Linkedin regardless of their location, age andindustry. Sounds cool right ? it is awesome oportunity to takeadvantage of LION’s and build a sold foundation for your LinkedinProfile.

They usually has LION written in their profile. If you are stillnot clear, search for LION in your Linkedin search bar and you’llget lots of users with LION in their profile.

I know you can simply send a connection request from linkedinbut who has the time to do that ? it takes forever! We compiledthese users from different sources and nice ready to use format.Simply upload and forget.

Don’t need to beg for connections.

​The list we give are actively using Linkedin and are mostlikely to accept your invite.

It takes only few minutes to upload the file to our Linkedinaccount and start connecting with new people right away. We providedetailed instructions on how exactly you can upload the file toyour Linkedin account. It is pretty simple by the way.

Less than 500 connections looks bad huh ?

I know the frustration when you have just 100 Linkedinconnections. The good thing is that Linkedin do not show number ofconnections when you cross 500 mark.

Starting out, it is pretty hard to get that 500 mark and thatswhere we come in. I saw lot of new and even old linkedin usershustling around asking to connect with new people. It is crazy!

What is the catch ?

Not everyone on our list is going to accept your request. Out of10,000 you can get accepted by 500 to 1,000 users prettyeasily.

These users are not that engaging and directly related to whatyou do but it can give you nice start to grow your LinkedinProfile.

What if you did’t get any connections after sendinginvites using our list ?

We get this question quite a lot. Well, here is the deal, it ispossible that sometimes you did’t get any connections at all.

Wait for couple of days if its Christmas or any other publicholidays. If you still did’t get the desired connections within oneweek. Please get back to me, we’ll work something out. Otherwise,you get a refund with no questions asked!

Linkedin Connections: Is a ranking Factor

Linkedin has its own algorithm which they use to rank companiesin linkedin for different keywords and industries.

There are dozens of ranking factors including but not limitedto, connections followers, number of post , profile age etc.

The other linkedin yard stick for ranking profile is also worthmentioning. Acceptance rate.

What is acceptance rate ?

when you send connection request to stranger, Linkedin ask youto explain your relationship with the person. And it keep track ofhow much request you sent and how much got accepted.

They set certain threshold, and if you have acceptance ratebelow that mark you get warnings and even can get your accountbanned eventually.

In a nutshell, the more connections you have the higher you rankin Linkedin search results.

So if you want more high quality leads in Linkedin you shouldaim for more Linkedin connections in addition to other stuff imentioned above.

it is easy to get Linkedin connections organically but it takeslot’s of time and effort to get there. Especially if you are new tothe platform. No one is going to trust you except your friends. Andwho has 500 friends by the way!

Our initial connections can give you a nice littlepush in the right direction.

Listen, do not rely solely on the connections we provide. Reachout to people in your industry and build connections on your own.That is the only type of connections which can pay off in thefuture.

The connections we send should be only used to build trust andlet you kick into the platform. Nothing else. Lot of our costumersexcept ROI from these connections. These are journalist i.e jack ofall master of none type of users. Expect having tough time sellingto these people. I strongly suggest to use them as a base line anddiscover what the right target market for you to attack.

Thanks for your interest. Please let me know if you have anyquestions. I’d be glad to help you.

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