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What is the site 4level.ru?

4level.ru is a site for men, which is a promotional resource to distribute Viagra, in other words – a site for advertising the drug. In addition to advertising, there is much more. For instance, scrolling to the bottom of the main page, you will find the test “on hardness “consisting of 4 questions, as well as the most relevant site articles.

When you go to the main page of the site you are asked about Are you a citizen of Russia, since the content is created exclusively for this country. After confirmation, you will be redirected to site and you can familiarize yourself with its contents. Immediately below the sections The site housed the already familiar advertising from the TV screen. In her we are talking about the imposition of male ideals – wearing costumes, crowded work schedules, saving and increasing money and etc. All these attributes greatly affect the emotional state. men, and therefore on his sex life. The movie ends with that men are encouraged to be themselves, to preserve their masculine qualities and, of course, follow the example of men who visit the site 4level.ru.

Section of the 4level.ru site

Site section “Play at the level”

Among the sections of the site are food, technology, cars, men’s health, serious problems, travel, relationships. To access some categories, such as “Play at level”, need to register on the site. After that you will be able to browse football matches. Among the sections you can find useful tips. nutrition for men who can help support sexual act of a man.

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Men’s Club from 4level

After a short walk on the site, he creates an impression a resource that was created specifically for successful men “over 40”. He can combine one hobby – sports, cars, women. This site is also called the “real men’s club.” There are even your own meeting places.

It is believed that such a club is served exclusively by women. They are ready to provide various services – from relaxing massage, to a different type of sex. One thing is also known – that To get access to membership, you must have a 4level.ru VIP card. This is a kind of ticket to the above opportunities that you are not find a word on the site.

Of course, the existence of this very club remains under doubt, because no one can confirm this information, exactly how to refute it. It is possible that with site visitors simply pump out money for acquiring a VIP card, telling on third-party resources tales about closed clubs. Similar cases in The Internet is quite a lot. I’m sure you understand what this site is and in what purposes to use 4level.ru.

First thousand registered

Everyone who signs up and gets into the first thousand receives 4level.ru club card and 3 month subscription to the popular magazine Playboy, as well as card delivery to your address. For this you You must provide a copy of your passports. After that, the package will be delivered to you.

Package from the site

Parcel from the site 4level.ru

It will have your club card, as well as a musical CD containing relaxing recordings the music.

Music disc from 4level.ru

CD with music from the package

Many users who receive the same messages are confused that the portal needs a scan of their passport. The question arises – why a site that advertises a pharmaceutical product, a scan personal document of the visitor.

Perhaps the whole boom around this site came about because Russian direct advertising of prescription drugs banned on television and pharmaceutical companies have to resort to similar methods of advertising, where from the first viewing is not understand what is at stake. Even visiting the site is not immediately clear to him appointment.

Other facts about 4level.ru

The site 4level.ru was created with the support of a pharmaceutical company “Pfizer,” all its formalities dealt with her Russian representation. This site is the second attempt of the company. to attract the attention of Russian Internet users to the product Viagra. The first was get-hard.ru – the portal of men’s health and strength. His main promotion methods were official stickers.

But if the question interested some part of the public, the logical question will be – where is it more profitable to buy Viagra – in pharmacies or online. The definitive answer will be – buy in The internet. In addition to prices reduced by 2-3 times, you also do not have to Blush while standing in the pharmacy line about your purchase.

Thus, we learned what kind of site is 4level.ru. If you interested in the materials of the site, you can register here, it’s free. After that, you will be able to receive notifications of new articles.

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