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  • 1 Local server on the computer
  • 2 Technology Benefits
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  • 4 Why http: // localhost / Tools / phpMyAdmin does not open

Local server on the computer

So Denver is a program that allows create a local server directly on the computer, and localhost / Tools / phpMyAdmin– this is one of the tools (set special PHP scripts) used to provide access to databases located on this server. You can use them manage and make changes to project databases site, without the need to learn special MySQL commands.

Technology benefits

The use of such technology allows you to get a number of advantages:

  • Due to the fact that all the necessary tools are in Webmaster has the ability to fully work with project site. Access to the database by http: // localhost / Tools / phpMyAdmin.
  • To work with the software environment (provided that all necessary settings and settings) no network connection required Internet, which also simplifies the work and expands them variability. You can always install tools on a laptop and work when and where convenient.
  • All actions taken and database changes are displayed. immediately after their application, and therefore the developer has the possibility of visual viewing them, which facilitates the formation further development of the project.

    Database editing on PC

    Database editing on PC

Once the site project is ready, it can be easily transfer from the local server to the real one, and start fully use the site.

As for the PhpMyAdmin tool itself, its use eliminates the need to learn MySQL commands and makes database modification easy and affordable even for users with limited knowledge programming.

How to log in and use localhost / Tools / phpMyAdmin

To use the database tool, just follow the address http: // localhost / Tools / phpMyAdmin.

As a result, the tool interface opens, which allows create, modify and delete new tables in databases with using intuitive commands. These tables will be used for direct placement of site content. The interface of the tool is quite simple and clear, all important elements are signed, so it’s easy to figure out even for newbie.

Why http: // localhost / Tools / phpMyAdmin does not open

In some cases, when going to the address http: // localhost / Tools / phpMyAdmin the tool does not start. Such may occur for several reasons. First of all, it should check the correspondence of the address to the real file location paths, since updates are subject to change. May also occur Error Access denied for user ‘root’ @ ’localhost’ (Using password: YES and NO).

Error Not Found

Error Not Found

In addition, you need to check if Skype or other applications using port 80. Navigating to an address may also blocked by antivirus, which also requires attention. In a number restarting the PC helps to cope with the problem and restarting the local server.

If you have basic skills and desire, understand the intricacies creating sites is possible for many users and so convenient tools like PhpMyAdmin and Denver contribute to this.

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