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What is this Adobe Creative Cloud program?

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud

Some might think that Adobe Creative Cloud is program in the sense in which computer users understand the word “application”. However, no. ACC is a program, a model software distribution corporation.

In other words: Adobe Creative Cloud is a set of applications that users do not buy, but use on subscription. Its range includes programs for: graphic design, image and video editing, website development and etc.

Features of Adobe Creative Cloud

If before a person or company that needed not only PhotoShop, but many other Adobe products, was forced to pay tens of thousands of dollars, now, thanks Creative Cloud, he can get absolutely everything for less than $ 80 in month.

A set of programs from Adobe Creative Cloud

A set of programs from Adobe Creative Cloud

Moreover, he gets the opportunity to legally use absolutely all paid applications, including:

  • PhotoShop;
  • Illustrator
  • Acrobat Pro
  • After Effects and many others.

Except for the ability to legally install on computers and use the software, the user of the service also gets 100 gigabytes of space on Amazon servers. He can them Use to store data from your projects. I hope you realized what the Adobe Creative Cloud app was.

How much does it cost to use Adobe Creative Cloud

Of course, $ 80 dollars is not tens of thousands, but it’s enough a lot, especially for just a person who is engaged, for example, creating layouts for sites. No problem Adobe doesn’t obliges users to rent the entire package. Service user can choose only those programs from Creative Cloud that he needs.

Adobe PhotoShop

Adobe PhotoShop

So, if a person needs only PhotoShop, then he can pay only about 10 dollars, and get a month in your complete disposal of this professional tool to work with graphics. For another 7-8 he can get Illustrator and others applications.

Adobe Creative Cloud is very convenient. For example, if a person wants to change the platform (for example, switch from Windows to OS X), then he will not need to buy again and register products. You just need to go to the Adobe website, log in to your account and download the program version to the desired operating system.

If necessary, you can freeze your account. While valid freezing, money from the account will not be debited. It’s convenient in those cases where, for example, a person goes on vacation and throughout just a month or more will not use Adobe products.

Video instruction

What is Adobe Creative Cloud? In general, Adobe Creative Cloud is a simple and affordable way to legally use any Adobe applications. A few dollars a month, and Professional tools are completely at your disposal.

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