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  • 1 How Arrive at transit country translates to Russian tongue?
  • 2 What to do if Arrive at transit country status is not appears or does not change for a long time?

How is Arrive at transit country translated into Russian?

Literal translation of Arrive at transit country status into Russian language – “Arrival in a transit country”.

Thus, it means that the plane is from Hong Kong, Shanghai or Beijing arrived from China to one of the countries of Europe, and then the package will pass a customs check for shipment to the country destination. Where exactly is the ordered product at the moment, You can’t find out until it is received at the post office by addressee’s residence – the transit country index will be indicated in accompanying documentation.

Please note that the status of Arrive at transit country does not always appear – he, like the use of transit countries in generally used only in the absence of direct flights from China to destination country. Flights to large countries are almost always therefore, when ordering goods from Aliexpress to Russia, this status may to meet only with a heavy load of Chinese airports – for example, on holidays. More often the package travels through third countries at sending to Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, etc.

Instead of the country of destination, after leaving China, the package ends up in a third country.

Arrive at transit country status appears after departure parcels from China

Depending on the tracking service and the method used alternative statuses with similar delivery can be used value:

  • Arrival at transit country – may be supplemented by information on specific stage of the procedures at the airport of the transit country (arrival, transfer to the airport, registration at the temporary warehouse storage, etc.);
  • Arrived at transferring country;
  • Parcel arrived at the regional hub.

After the package has passed all the procedures at the airport transit country, and there is a suitable flight for it in the direction country of destination, tracking will display the following message – Depart from transit country. Knowing how the status of Arrive at transit country it is translated into Russian, in the remaining stages of the parcel stay the intermediate point is easy to understand.

What to do if Arrive at transit country status does not appear or does not change for a long time?

The lack of this status does not always indicate problems with Parcel – perhaps the parcel was sent directly to the country destination, and after a while a message appears saying Arrival of the aircraft at the Russian or Ukrainian airport.

Most often, the parcel is not delayed in the intermediate country

In some cases, the passage of a parcel through a transit point may take less than a minute

If the status does not change for a long time, this may indicate:

  • problems when passing the parcel of customs control in transit country;
  • lack of suitable flights for further traffic parcels;
  • loss of parcels when stored in an airport warehouse is unlikely but probably.

Normal transit time for all transit paragraphs, if one of the European countries – 2-3 days. If the status is Arrive at transit country significantly delayed, you should contact the seller so that he found out in which country the package is located and contacted the local the airport. If the buyer’s protection period is coming to an end, either open a dispute with the seller, or ask for an extension, otherwise the parcel can never be received.

Now you know the translation of Arrive at transit country into Russian language and you can easily figure out how to track your package. If you have questions about other Aliexpress statuses, ask them in comments.

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