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AliExpress delivery chain

As you know, the process of delivery of goods purchased on AliExpress starts after payment of the goods selected by the buyer. The seller reserves the goods, packs, and after a few days (in depending on the volume of the load) sends the goods with Chinese postal system “China Mail” (China Post).

The product itself receives a “tracking number” – a number, by which the client can track the location of the goods on the way from seller to buyer

Depending on the country and destination, the goods pass many transit points, customs, post offices and others links of the logistic chain. In this case, there are situations when the goods gets stuck at some point (or even at the initial stage of sending), therefore it is important to regularly track his whereabouts, and, when significant delay in sending or fraud with delivery, open Dispute with the seller on the return of the funds spent by you.

If necessary, initiate a dispute with the seller for the return of the funds spent by you

If necessary, initiate a dispute with the seller for a refund your spending

What is Arrived at destination country

Translated into Russian, the status of the product is Arrived at destination country sounds like “item arrived in country destination. “In our case, this usually means the goods arrived in Russia, awaiting customs clearance, and then there will be moved to the distribution point from which it will go to the mail branch at the place of residence of the buyer.

In this case, from arrival in the country of destination to receipt of goods at Significant time may elapse (usually several weeks) therefore, I would not recommend rejoicing at the arrival of goods to Russia (there were cases when the goods arrived in Russia for the Russian buyer, after going through Russian customs, went back to Finland, from there to finally return to Russia).


This is how the seller sends the goods

Other similar statuses

After we figured out what it means arrived at destination country aliexpress, consider a few more related delivery statuses of your goods. Among these statuses, I would also noted the following:

  • “Arrived to Russian Federation” – the goods arrived in Russia;
  • “Arrived at facility in destination country” – item arrived in transshipment point in the country of destination;
  • “Arrived in the sorting center” – the goods arrived at the sorting center center;
  • “Awaiting customs clearance and delivery to post” – product awaiting customs clearance and delivery to the post office;
  • “Receive at country of destination” – goods received in the country destination;
  • “Shipment arrived at destination country” – cargo arrived in destination country.

You can read about other AliExpress statuses in special materials on our website (here, here, and here).

It may take a long time to deliver the goods on AliExpress.

Delivery of goods on AliExpress may take a long time. time


If the item you purchased has received the status “Arrived at destination country “, then he’s already arrived in the country of destination (in our case, It’s Russia). After passing the appropriate procedures at customs it will be sent to the sorting center and then delivered to your local post office. Usually between arrival in Russia and delivery of goods directly to the buyer still has to go through significant time (a week or two), therefore, I recommend typing patience and wait a little longer.

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