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The developers of the social network Vkontakte announced auto start video in pinned community posts on all computers and mobile devices. how to disable vkontakte video Enable auto-start video It will be possible in the settings, since by default it will be turned off. Also, when the user scrolls outside the video, video playback will be stopped until the user will not return to the top of the page. If the setting is enabled, videos in the news, on the walls of communities and users play automatically and without sound. To turn on the sound, Click on the video.

Automatically upload videos to VKontakte

automatic loading video vk

To start the clip automatically, several conditions:

  • The record should be pinned.
  • There should be no attachments in the recording except video and text.
  • Video must be uploaded to Vkontakte, and not embedded with external hosting.

How to turn off the automatic launch of Vkontakte video?

To turn off automatic playback videos (this will help save mobile Internet traffic), go to the settings of your page and uncheck the boxes opposite desired item:

Turn off videos in VK

Please note that posting ads in a pinned post Communities is prohibited by the User Agreement. So if you decide to use the new functionality for advertising purposes, then this may disable the ability to publish links on the wall for a long time.

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