Bookmarks in VK are gone – where are they?


What are bookmarks and how do they work in VK?

Bookmarks on VKontakte are a convenient module that allows you to tag entries, photos of other users, links, videos. After you tagged someone else’s material, it will be located in your menu on the left in the “My bookmarks” section. A prerequisite for creating a bookmark is like under necessary material.

To activate bookmarks you need:

  1. Open your VK page;
  2. Click the arrow at the top right near your avatar;
  3. Here, select the “Settings” section;

    VK settings

      VK settings
  4. On the left in the main block, click “Customize display points “;
  5. In the list, check the box next to “Bookmarks”;

    Activate bookmarks

      Activating the Bookmarks section

Now you can save all the material that you like in bookmarks. The section appears in the menu list. This way Bookmark activation is valid today. But the section itself is for many users are gone. Consider what happened.

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Where to find missing bookmarks on VK?

In October, VKontakte users encountered a problem. All of them bookmarks disappeared somewhere. After a while they were restored. Although in a familiar place they can no longer be found. That’s it bookmarks are in the “News” section. You can find them by clicking “Liked”.

How to find bookmarks

How to find bookmarks VKontakte

With this innovation, the developers removed one section from the main menu to leave only important ones in it.

A little below the sections of the news block are special filters by which you can find the right material.

  1. Video recordings.
  2. Goods.
  4. Photo.
  5. Records.


    Filters for search on VK bookmarks

To enable one of the filters, uncheck the box. other items. Leave, for example, videos in the results you’ll only see the video under which you left your likes.

VK bookmark update

Recall that if you do not know where the missing bookmarks in VKontakte – they can be found in the news section by selecting “Liked” item. In the news feed of any page, you can often Find materials that might interest you. But sometimes not enough time to view them right now. So bookmarks are great a way to save material and later review it in more detail. You only need to click like under it.

VK administration decides bookmark update gives more of opportunities. Each label in the bookmarks can be edited and attach to your various bookmarks. Now bookmarks are valid reminders. If you bookmarked some material and don’t opened it for more than 3 days, the system will remind you of interesting Saved video, photo or post. Actually it really conveniently. After all, each user probably noticed for himself that some materials stored “for later” remain intact long time.

Each new bookmark is now marked with a special flag. “New”. It helps you navigate your saved publications. You can quickly view new material after why the flags disappear.

Other VK updates

Shortly before the bookmarks section was updated podcasts. They allow you to listen to materials that were previously available only in text format. For example, you follow The popular vdud or jellyfish communities. Used to be their news could only read. Today you can turn on Listen and find out the news in audio format. Podcasts available to more than 100 communities.

Podcasts on VKontakte

Podcasts on VK

You can play podcasts via phone, laptop, computer and listen to them in the background. There are no restrictions by time. You can also share a link to one or another podcast, as well as for a specific episode. If you suddenly did a pause to exit the subway or pay for purchases at the supermarket, you you can always play audio from the same place where have stopped. If you are subscribed to news groups that have the ability to create podcasts, then along with a notification about text news. You’ll also receive news about a new podcast, which you can find in the same section of the group.

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Update VK videos

Together with the podcasts, the VK administrators decided to update and videos for mobile devices. Now available to users rewind video in one motion. To translate the timeline clip for 10 seconds ahead, you need to touch 2 times the right side screen. Conversely, if you need to return for 10 seconds, tap left edge. Slowing or speeding up the video has also become available. A You can also choose the quality of the video yourself. If bookmarks in VK are gone in the mobile version, you can find them in news section.

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