Five Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know AboutFacebebook Reviews.


Facebook rolled out their Page review feature couple of yearsago and it is really kicking off. There are a lot of benefits forhaving a decent facebook with some reviews.

Here are five things you most likely didn’t know about facebookreviews :

A Facebook review has a direct impact on your website SEO

You will be surprised, Google is now scraping facebook pages andusing them as ranking factor. If someone search for a keyword Like” keyword + Facebook page ” only pages with higher stars is goingto rank better.

Your Facebook page is associated with your website andbrand.

If you have low ratings, this can add up to your overall SEOscore and Google isn’t going to take you seriously,becauseyour customers aren’t satisfied and google don’t wantto send their visit to a place where they can be rippedoff.

You can Integrate facebook reviews directly into yourwebsite

If you are doing something good, and your customers are happy.Why not leverage facebook review option and ask your customers toleave a review for you on your facebook page.

You can integrate Facebook page on your website which can helpyou convert more visitors into costumers because you have a socialproof and reviews you can show to them before they do business withyou.

There are different plugins, and tools available in the marketwhich you can use to integratefacebook reviews in yourwebsite. Here step by step article you can readonHow to embed Facebook Reviews on your website.

You can buy facebook reviews online

Oh really? yes! If you are having a tough time getting decentstars on your facebook page. You can hire folks online to reviewyour Facebook page and increase your overall reviewscore.

You can leverage these freelancers and add a lot of reviewfacebook reviews to your page without spending a lot of money.

You can turn yourreview tab on and off

Any Facebook page can turn their review tab on & off at anytime. If you are starting off you might forget to turn it onso your customers won’t be able to review your page.To activereviews, click on your Page’s settings.

Once in the settings, scroll down in the General section towhere it says “Reviews” and turn them on

Facebook follow up with reminders if your costumer checked intoyour business.

Facebook track you using a GPS and user can check in to aspecific location and share it with their friends if they want.After check-in, Facebook consistently pushes them to review pageasking them how was their experience with that business.

Guess what?

The more check-ins you get the more chances you win to get areview of your customers!

Now you can encourage your income costumers to check-in. Offerthem a free wifi, even you can stickers and small boards askingpolitely your costumers to check-inor provide a review onyour Facebook page for a discount.

If you have any ideas, let me know in the comments below!

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