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What is China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus?

It is clear that the seller wants to save as much as possible by sending goods for which the buyer does not pay for delivery. Therefore for sending small packets is often used one of the standard China Post Services – China Post. Postage rates minimal, which is perhaps her only dignity.

The main drawback of the postal service is the impossibility Tracking orders outside of China. Tracking movement parcels by country of departure depends on good faith seller.

To track domestic movements, the seller will give one from links to the official services of China Post. These sites are like usually have a fully chinese interface, and normally translate hieroglyphics can’t even google translator.

Only basic package statuses can be determined:

  • pick up at the post office;
  • sending the parcel to the sorting center;
  • processing and checking the departure at the airport;
  • sending for export.

After the package from China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus will leave the territory of China, the tracking ability will disappear, so she won’t have an international track number. Worry for her fate should not be more than when using the Russian Post – they may lose the parcel, but most likely it will reach within 20–90 days.

China Post

China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus

Thus, when buying goods on Aliexpress is better make sure the seller is using alternative free delivery services. So how to use China Post simply uncomfortable. It will be impossible to track the postal item – every day you have to check your mailbox and wait for a notification. And in the worst case is to personally go to the post office if the notice is not delivered.

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How to track mail in China?

As mentioned above, the ability to track orders in the country Departure depends on seller.

There are two options:

No. Way Features
1 The seller personally brings the parcel to the post office In this case, there will be no real track number.
2 Seller uses courier service. For example, Yanwen or WeDo, which delivers goods from the store to the post office and provides its track numbers.

You can only verify the tracking code in the second case. However some code is issued in the first case, because without it It is not possible to place an order on Aliexpress.

Here again, there are options:

  • code of 11 digits;
  • code of 11 digits and 2 letters;
  • international code of the form RE — EN.

These codes are not real, just made “based on” real track numbers. Sellers come up with them and use in as a stub for the corresponding field in the order form. Tracked such a code, of course, will not be anywhere, even on sites China Post.

If the seller issued a fake track number, do not immediately beat alarming. If the store has a good reputation and a lot of positive reviews, then most likely the package is still on the way. Open a dispute only if the term of protection the buyer is coming to an end, but the order has not yet arrived.

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Compare China Post with other free services delivery

The main “competitor” service China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus – This is China Post Registered Air Mail, also a China Post service. Its difference is that when it is used, it is not simple package, and custom, as indicated by the word Registered in the title. Custom delivery has an international track number that you can check on Chinese sites and using the Russian Post service even after the parcel arrives in the destination country. Another advantage – faster delivery speed, custom parcels rarely go longer than 60 days.

SF eParcel

Free SF eParcel Delivery Service

Another popular free shipping service is SF eParcel, offered by SF-Express. This is a Chinese postal company, similar to China Post. When using this the service is tracking the package all the way following; the track number, however, is not international, but domestic format, so you can track the order only on Aliexpress website or official SF-Express website. Delivery period comparable to standard airmail and averages 30–45 days, although sometimes the goods arrive in less than 2 weeks – all depends on the agility of local services along the route.

Thus, we examined what China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus, and is it possible to track the mailings of this service.

If you have any questions about free delivery of orders for Aliexpress or other parties working with this service – ask in the comments, and we will answer in detail!

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