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  • 1 Animoto – add audio to video
  • 2 Cellsea – connect video and music online
  • 3 Magisto – mount music and video
  • 4 Youtube – allows you to connect a video file and a song
  • 5 Stupeflix – will make a beautiful video clip
  • 6 Conclusion

Animoto – add audio to video

You may not have heard of this English site before, but it is a great tool for adding audio to video online. The site supports many audio and video formats, and Allows you to easily combine your videos and audio clips.

Animoto Service

Animoto Service

  1. Go to the site, click on “Get Started”, register (you can use your Facebook account information).
  2. Then click on “Create”, select “SlideShow video” and again click on “Create” below.
  3. We decide on the video style we need, click on “Create Video” (create a video) and go into video editor mode.
  4. By clicking on “Add pics and vid” on the left we can add our video, and by clicking on the phrase “Change song” you can change the track when starting your video (after choosing the “Change Song” option you will get the ability to upload your track by clicking on the “Upload” button song “).
  5. By clicking on the gear image on the right, you can adjust which parts of your track should be played.
  6. How your video glued together with music will look like you can see by clicking on the “Preview video” button below.
  7. If you are satisfied with the quality of the video during the preview, then click to the “Produce” button. Then you will need to fill in the details of video, and then click on “Finish”. After processing you will be able to download video, post it on social networks, send to Email and so on.

Cellsea – connect video and music online

Simple and affordable service for overlaying music on video online.

  1. Go to the site, click on the large inscription “Drop files to download “, and upload your video (wait a couple of seconds until the system will process it).
  2. Then, going to the editing menu, click on “Add audio” on the right and upload your audio.
  3. After downloading, click on “Edit video”, and if the result was fine with you – on “Download It”.

    Cellsea Converter

    Cellsea Converter

Despite the fact that foreign users this resource positioned as one of the most convenient for those described by me goals, however, it malfunctions in functionality, so Be prepared for the lingering expectations of the result.

Magisto – mount music and video

Another useful resource to join music and video online.

  1. After entering the site, click on “Create movie”, then on “Select files “, after which you will be asked to go through authorization.

    Select Select Files in Magisto

    Select Select Files in Magisto

  2. Select the files you need, click on “Select editing style”, select a video style, and then confirm it.
  3. Then decide on the soundtrack you need (or upload your clicking on the inscription “Upload your music” and then click on the button “Make my movie”).
  4. After processing the video, you will receive your video with your preferred audio track. By clicking on “Keep It” you can share it in social networks, download it, post a link to it on others pages and so on.

Youtube – allows you to combine a video file and a song

The popular service also allows you to edit your videos. online, and add the desired audio tracks to your videos. To use the YouTube service, you need to have an account on it, as well as upload the video you need to it.

  1. Then you need to go to your video manager, select desired video, and click on the “Edit” button next to it.


    YouTube video manager

  2. Then click on the “Audio” tab, and select the desired song on the right (or look for it through the search).
  3. After selecting a song, click on “Save” on top or on “Save as new video” is slightly to the right.

Remember that the YouTube service is pretty close to copyright protection because if you use any a pirate clip or audio, your newly created video can be blocked.

Stupeflix – will make a beautiful video clip

Another English resource to include music in a video online.

  1. Go to the site, click on the red button “Make a free video” , select a theme, and then click on the blue “Make a video” button (create video). The program will prompt you to log in or use one of the accounts on social networks.
  2. After authorization, you will enter the editor menu, where by clicking on a big plus on the left you can upload your video, and clicking on Add a soundtrack (and then Add Audio – Upload from your computer) will allow you to download the desired audio track user.
  3. Download our video and audio.

    Add video and music to Stupeflix

    Add video and music to Stupeflix

  4. Then click on the green arrow from the audio line to the right, select “Edit”, and set the volume of our track, also check the first value above (Lower the volume—) if we want to muffle the original sound of the video.
  5. To see what the video looks like with our audio click on top Quick Preview button, and if the work suited us, then click on “Produce and Save”, select the desired video format, and save result.


This article lists several English-language resources, to help you connect your video and audio together. Despite on their English foundation, their functionality is simple and intuitive understandable, and not able to cause during the development of special problems. If you need to overlay audio on the video, then these resources are what you need.

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