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  • 1 Features of the error “Content is not available in your area Sorry for the inconvenience ”
  • 2 The easiest way is to install a VPN bypass plugin content blocking
  • 3 Browsers with predefined lock bypass tools by the region
  • 4 Special VPNs
  • 5 Change IP address to bypass blocking by region

Features of the error “Content is not available in your region Sorry for the inconvenience ”

Before fixing the error, you need to understand the reasons for it. occurrence. So, the reason could be:

  • Restricting access to resource content by authorities, like Roskomnadzor.
  • Lately, sanctions may be the cause.
  • Blocking access to viewing on the initiative of the copyright holder content for residents of certain regions.

Users encounter similar errors on such resources like: Rutube, YouTube and other online movie theaters. Next we let’s talk about effective solutions to these and other cases, as well as, if the resource as a whole is prohibited.

The easiest way is to install a VPN bypass plugin content blocking

A very convenient and efficient way is to install VPN plugins in your browser. You only need to activate it on blocked resource and you can enjoy watching The video you’re interested in. In practice, it looks pretty simple – you click on the button and the plugin removes the restriction. After which, his also just turn off as unnecessary by clicking the appropriate button.

VPN plugin to bypass blocking by region

VPN plugin to bypass blocking by region

The plugin is very convenient and acceptable in that it does not require you to change your favorite and familiar Internet browser. After all, the plugin designed for all popular browsers and problems with compatibility should not arise. In addition, the connection method through a private private network (VPN) provides additional encryption of your data during transmission over the network.

Browsers with predefined lock bypass tools the region

Some browsers have been specifically designed for such cases when access to the volume is blocked in a certain region or other resource. They can bypass locks without additional downloaded applications. Such a browser is Opera and TOR. In him VPN can be enabled in the “Security” section. Same function Available in versions for mobile phones. You just need to download him on your smartphone or tablet and enjoy the internet without locks.

Configure VPN in Opera

Set up VPN in Opera

Some browsers allow access to blocked content, using Tor technology. Its feature is to work with using complex transmission of encrypted traffic and pass it through various servers. Using such browsers is not the need to further customize their work is enough enable any blocked site and use the one you need content The disadvantage of such browsers is the unfamiliar interface. Using them will take some time to get used to and understand, unlike the familiar FireFox, Chrome, Yandex.Browser, etc.

Special VPN Software

There is another option to fix the availability of content in your a region that will keep your cozy and familiar The browser is to install a separate VPN program. They have compatibility with all popular operating systems – Windows, iOS, Android, Mac OS X. This program works like this the same principle as the browser plugin described above. To get this software is available on official service sites. Positive moments of using the program is that they give access not only to blocked sites, but also to blocked applications in your area. It is also worth noting that some of such services are paid.

Special VPN Programs

Special VPN Programs

Change IP address to bypass blocking by region

You can change the IP address to unlock the content you need. at the entrance, which will allow you to use the service. So that make each user can find instructions for his browser and case on the internet.

The proxy works as follows: it is such a proxy server between your PC and the site server. It provides an opportunity use your servers to change your IP address to any another, including another country. The blocked site contains in itself a base of regions or countries that he does not miss to his to the content. All other countries that are not on the banned list, can use the service. So that they let us in for service you need to use the server of another country, which is listed not prohibited and the message “Content is not available in your We apologize for any inconvenience in the region.

Change IP Address in Firefox

Change IP Address in Firefox

There are also special programs for changing the IP address, which allow you to change your network identification address to address of any other country in one click.

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