Craigslist IP Blocked ? Here is what you need todo


There are several reasons craigslist block your IP address for acertain amount of time or forever! Its kind of a penalty if youspam craigslist you get in ” Craigslist Jail ” to help craigslistmake their site clean and helpful.

Getting your IP Blacklisted can be a nightmare if your businesssolely depends on craigslist. This usually happens because a lot offolks do not bother to read Craigslist Term of Use and end upgetting their IP blocked.

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Here are few actions that are worth considering to unblock yourIP address from craigslist. This is not to game craigslist in anyway, it is a little help for new users noticing this. In the secondpart of this post, I discussed how exactly you can avoid this.

Disclaimer:- This is 10-minute read and might need a couple ofhours to figure it out and unblock your IP Address.

If you want to do it yourself, please keep Reading.

Clear your Caches and cookies

If you unintentionally sent malware or anything else tocraigslist from the browser, you might end up getting your IPblocked. Simply clearing caches and cookies can help you to get ridof this issue.

Follow these instructions to clear cache and cookies in GoogleChrome, Firefox or Safari.

Once you clear your cache and cookies, re-open your browser andyou’ll be able to visit

if your IP is still blocked after clearing your cache andcookies, keep reading.

Unplug your Modem for few minutes

Craigslist track your public IP address. Use IP Chicken to checkyour IP address. Simply changing your IP address can fix the issueif you have a dynamic IP address.

Because it changes after you re-connect with the internet. Sojust unplug your modem for few minutes and then plug it again.You’ll be able to change your IP address and unblock yourself fromCraigslist.

If you have a static IP address, call your ISP and ask them tochange your IP address or get a dedicated IP address which mightcost you some money.

But it does not work for everyone. Unplugging your modem canonly change your Class-D or Class-E digit in your IP address and ifyour suspension is for full IP address, you might not be able tounlock using this method. Keep reading, I am discussing otherpossible solution below.

Using Premium Proxy

If your problem is more severe. And the above solutions aren’tworking for you. You should use proxies to unblock craigslist. Alot of folks use FREE proxies for craigslist that never works, why?These free public proxies are banned by craigslist because they areabused by other users. So I’d suggest buying premium proxies forjust $5.00

I’ve been recommending StringProxies to my readers and they worklike a charm with craigslist. You can use them with one click.These proxies are easy to use, just download FireFox Plugin orChrome Plugin and use these proxies with one click.

Precautions:- We discussed few possiblesolutions to get your IP Unblocked on Craigslist.

But who is stopping you to be pre-emptive and try to be safewhen we post ads on craigslist. Lets deep dive into how exactly youcan post ads on craigslist without getting your IP Blocked. Beloware few mains reasons for getting your IP Blocked onCraigslist.

Reason # 1:- Over Posting

Craigslist has an algorithm which detects how many times you areposting ads from the same IP address. So if you post dozens of adsper day, it’s an unnatural pattern which triggers craigslist andthey block your IP address.

Craigslist keep you in the sandbox to learn about your behavior,and if you keep doing what you’ve been caught, craigslist mightstrengthen the screws and gives you a huge penalty.

Reason #2 Scraping data to quickly

Scraping data using a software or manual is prohibited oncraigslist. They are putting different techniques in place toprevent their site from mass scrapers. If you try to scrap emailaddress, phone number too quickly ( with software or manual)craigslist will block your IP address for certain amount of timeassuming that you are using a software for mass scraping.

Copying more than 20 phone no/email address per hour seemsun-natural. Like who on earth would visit craigslist and copyHundreds of email address and phone number?

Reason #3 Promoting illegal content

If you are promoting content that is illegal and shouldn’t beposted on Craigslist according to their Term of services, there area lot of chances that you can get flagged quite quickly and your IPmight be blocked for that reason as well.

Please read the partial list of goods, services, and contentprohibited on craigslist. If you break rules and continue posting,you’ll get flagged and eventually end up getting your IPBlacklisted.

Reason #4 Someone else is spamming your IPAddress

If you are posting from public IP (i.e office, coffee shop etc)you might be suffering from someone else shit. If someone else usedthe same IP for spamming craigslist and the IP blocked, you’ll beaffected as well.

If you are posting from public IP address, stop doing it. And ifyou are posting from your home internet connection, Track down whois using your wifi connections.

Wath the video to figure out who is using your wifi and how toblock devices or other users.

Stop sharing your internet connection with anyone. Protect yourIP Address and stay clean.


You can easily get your IP unblocked just by clearing yourbrowser caches and cookies or changing your IP address as outlinedabove.

Do not game the system, play by the rules if you want to staylong term.

But the point is to be careful about what you post on craigslistand how you use the website. If you do anything that’s againsttheir Term of services, you can get caught one day and will bebanned/blocked.

Thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.

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