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Despatch from Sorting Center – translation and features of this status

Translated into Russian Despatch from Sorting status Center sounds like “departed from sorting center. “And usually means a situation where the package left the sorting center, and went to the next step logistic chain. In the next sorting center, for loading in plane, ship, truck and so on.

Classical sorting center in China

Classic Sorting Center in China

Usually in the status “Despatch from Sorting Center” the package may stay for several days until it is in next transit point. Therefore, do not worry if, after receiving the status “Despatch from Sorting Center” status of your the parcel has not changed for several days.

It may also happen that Despatch statuses from Sorting Center “and” Arrival at Sorting Center “succeed a friend several times over several consecutive days. Usually this is due either to the seller filling out your parcel incorrectly, or with errors in the operation of the mail service itself. If such a situation repeated throughout the week, recommend contacting the seller your product, and ask him to sort out the problem. If the situation will continue and it will be necessary to open a dispute and return the money you spent.


Despatch from Sorting Center and Arrival at Sorting Statuses Center” сменяют друг друга на протяжении недели

After we figured out what Despatch from means Sorting Center and its translation, let’s move on to related statuses, which found on this path of movement of the goods you bought. They are may be as follows:

  • “Airline departure” – departure by airline;
  • “Departed from transferring country” – sent from a country, carrying out a transfer;
  • “Departed to” – poisoned in;
  • “Depart from transit country” – sent from transit countries;
  • “Dispatched to Delivery Office” – sent to office delivery;
  • “Dispatching” – sent;
  • “Forwarded for processing” – submitted for processing;
  • “Leaving the operating point” – the package leaves the operating room point;
  • “Outbound in sorting center ” – the package left the sorting center center;
  • “Package finished” – packaging completed.

You can also read on our sites detailed materials about such statuses as:

  • Arrived at destination country;
  • Hand over to airline;
  • Security check success;
  • Received by line-haul;
  • Arrived at the destination postal office;
  • Outbound in sorting center

    We study the status of tracking packages using tracking numbers

    Examine package tracking statuses using tracking numbers


If your package has received the status “Despatch from Sorting Center “, then this usually means that your mail has left sorting center, and went to the subsequent destination (quite often this is the buyer’s country of residence). If such the status alternates with the status of “Arrival at Sorting Center” on a week or more, then this may indicate a problem with the clearance of goods, because you will need to contact seller, and ask him to resolve the issue.

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