Download video from Vkontakte for free without of programs


We’ll talk about the easiest way to download video from VKontakte social network to your computer. Many users use VK to listen to music and watch different movies and videos rollers. And often I want to keep some of the viewed clips. how to download vk video on pc Now Vkontakte started use the new HLS streaming video standards and because of them now most different browser services and plugins for downloads of videos from VK stopped working, or are happening in them failures. But there is still a working way, and this article will described in detail how to do everything.

Download video from Vkontakte – instructions

  1. We open the page with the video. how to download video from VK
  2. Then in the address bar replace with how to download video from vkontakte on a computer
  3. Now in the mobile version of the social network, with the mode play any video right click on it and select “Save video as …”. save video from vk to laptop

Next, the video will be downloaded to your computer. Happy viewing!

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