Everything You Need To Know About DropBoxReferral Program


Dropbox announced their famous referral program in 2013 and sawtremendous growth in user base. In fact, they pulled millions ofusers using their referral program.

Their referral program was quite successful and a lot of otherstartups tried to copy their method but nobody got success similarto Dropbox.

The key to the success of Dropbox referral program was theencouragement of snowball effect. They really pushed their usershard to take action based on specific rewards.

For Example:

Follow DropBox on Twitter to get 125 MB Space forFREE.

Refer a Friend and Earn 500 MB Space for Free.

Share your activity on Social Media and Earn 100 MB forFree.

Different Between Affiliate Program and Referral Program

A lot of people confuse affiliate program with areferralprogram. There is a major difference between these two.

An affiliate program is mostly used for larger networks andpublisher ( Who promote product/services) are paid with a flatcommission once the sale is made.

In Referral program, rewards are not paid in terms of moneybecause these incentives are quite small and it’d be account burdenfor paying a small amount in chunks. In referral program, users arerewarded with some sort of premium membership for the software.

For Example:

Dropbox is offering 500 MB free space for each successfulreferral.
HubStaff is offering 2 months free if you refer one paid userto Hub staff.
Careem offer Rs 200 Credit if you refer one person to the ridehailing platform. The credit can only be used in the app and can’tbe cashed out.

How Dropbox Referral Program Works

Dropbox offers 500MB if you refer your friend and h/she createan account on Dropbox and install their software. You can earn upto 1 GB per user if you are paid Dropbox Member.

You can earn up to 16 GB as a free member and 32 Gb as a paidmember.

Inviting someone to Dropbox is easy,Visithttps://www.dropbox.com/referrals and log in withDropbox. You’ll be able to invite your friends to DropBox. Asuccessful referral will be only counted if your friend signed upand downloaded DropBox on their machine.

Did you know?

You can earn some free space without inviting your friends toDropbox. Read my Free Dropbox Space Hack Guide to learn stepby step how exactly you can do that.

Is worth paying $10 per Month to DropBox ?

This really depends on individual characteristics andrequirements. Dropbox is widely used by mid to high level companieswith tons of data.

For the individual consumer, I don’t think it worth buying spaceon Dropbox. However, if you are a tight budget, and still need morethan 2 GB, you can leverage their referral program and earn somefree space for a lifetime.

Professional photographers widely use dropbox. Because they haveto store hundreds and thousands of photos.

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