Facebook messenger – what is it and how do they to use?


You have signed up for Facebook as one of the most popular social networks in the world. Added friends, downloaded mobile application but how do you exchange messages with by other people? Facebook messenger is a simple and convenient way out out of this situation specially created for messaging in social network. Facebook messenger how to download

How to send a message on Facebook?

That messages from the website were freely available without authorization, Facebook created a messenger attachment. It does speeding up the messaging process as well as other notifications. So, the installed Messenger application provides:

    • Continuous communication with friends, wherever they are were not;
    • Sending Free Messages using the established tariff rate;
    • Keeping in touch with friends through a network or phone to Your notifications did not go unnoticed;
    • Displays read and unread messages;
    • The ability to create a collective chat; How to communicate on Facebook via messenger
    • Exchange of videos, photos, stickers;
    • Ability to connect your friends’ friends to the chat;
    • Group chat is now concentrated in a common window;
    • Direct access to your own messages— Facebook authorization from any convenient places
    • The ability to receive push notifications about an incoming message, both on a smartphone and on other devices;
    • Messenger has built-in instant chat switching, that allows you to conduct several correspondence;

Download instant messenger for facebook for free Afterwards Messenger setup, list of available alerts and contacts imported into the application. In addition, this does not exclude The ability to read notifications on Facebook. Going to the window browser, on any gadget you should visit the official page social network.

Download Facebook Messenger

Download Facebook messenger to Android phone.

How to download Facebook messenger Currently users install the messenger app on windows devices Phone, Android, iOS, as well as other phones. As before, you will be Sent links to download the application. You will also Receive alerts about where these links are located. To get started using the messenger app is enough visit the page or go to the app store with any gadget.

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