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My Facebook page contains personal information the user that he specified in the page settings. Consider sections and options of the personal page, as well as the registration process and profile setting. Link to go to your personal page in Facebook is a little lower in the article. Facebook It is a famous international social a network that was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, D. Moskowitz, C. Hughes and E. Saverin – then still students Harvard University. The essence of this social network is that the internet user can create own profile (need to register) for further communication with other users in it.


Facebook login to my page

Facebook allows you to exchange text messages, send / receive various photos, videos, invite friends to some events, play online games, make video calls, follow the news related to your favorite actors, athletes, artists, etc. Also all users of this social networks can be combined into various groups according to common interests.

Facebook Page Registration

Once on the main page, you can walk in a few minutes simple registration on Facebook, we examined the whole process in detail in the article. To do this, fill out personal data:

  • Name;
  • Surname;
  • Mobile phone number or e-mail;
  • Re-enter the mobile number. phone or e-mail;
  • Create (think up) a password for entry;
  • Indicate the day, month and year of birth;
  • Choose gender.

Facebook If in personal data indicated an email account, then to complete the registration you need to go to e-mail and confirm registration your account. If you specified a mobile phone number, then you need wait for the notification message with the code that will be needed enter the social network site and thus end the process of creating a user profile.

How to enter your page

Logging into your account is not difficult at all, for this you should open the main page of a social network or a page of some user, group, etc. In the upper right corner will be visible cells to which you want to keep an e-mail or phone number, as well as password (indicated during registration). In order to get on your page go to site: Facebook


How to edit Facebook page

You can design your profile to your own taste and color. So, you can upload a cover image and a photo for avatars. By uploading your photo for the avatar, not the photo of the cat, hamster, bunny – will contribute to the fact that more people will be interested in virtual communication with you. Next you can fill various information about yourself. For example, the city and country of residence, marital status, name of school and university, work. Add his place of work, interesting events from life and more. On the Facebook is a free resource for today. users and paid for advertisers, i.e. advertisers use Facebook as a paid platform for advertising ads.

How to change the address of your page?

The user account address may look quite interesting. By clicking on the link above and going to your settings pages you can come up with an interesting name. So, the profile address will be recognizable.


Sign up on Facebook and enjoy chatting with people on the world wide web.

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