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The most popular social network in the world. Over a billion users have already registered. Not only every day, but also every hour, the popular social network Facebook accepts ranks of new users. And this is not surprising – practical service offers a comfortable interface, many attractive and useful features, a lot of applications and the ability to find friends in anywhere in the world. Become a member of the multi-million online communities are not at all difficult – just having an electronic address and reach the age of 13 years.

how to register on Facebook

How to register on Facebook?

By typing in the search engine the coveted address facebook.com, you immediately you get to the hospitable page with an invitation register now. The creators of the site took care of so that you can choose any convenient language – at the bottom pages you can click on the desired. Located on the right side profile with standard fields that need to be carefully fill. In addition to the name and surname, you will need to enter a number mobile phone or your e-mail. With the introduction of electronic addresses should be careful and indicate it without errors – exactly your confirmation mail will be subsequently sent to your inbox registration.

register on Facebook for free

In the required field, enter the password that you will use when entering the site. It is advisable to write it down so that if will fail the memory, it was not required to change it. Password may consist from a combination of letters, numbers and punctuation marks and consist of at least six characters. When specifying a birthday, use the convenient drop-down numbers and month names. By specifying the gender, you can start checking the specified data and familiarizing yourself with the conditions use of social networks. It remains to press the treasured button with the word “Registration”.

create a facebook page

Facebook Page Registration Process

The next page that opens offers three steps to create personal profile.

  1. First you will be asked to find friends and acquaintances with with whom you talked on Skype or Vkontakte. Desiring to continue communication on Facebook, click the “Add to friends” button. If on at this stage do not want to waste time or not mood, give preference for the “Skip this step” button. how to add all friends with vk to facebook
  2. By filling out information about yourself, you can be sure that friends they can easily contact you on the open spaces of the social network. Here you need to enter the first and last name in the blank fields, indicate the place study or work, indicate the city of residence. This information may be accessible to all or only to a limited circle of persons. You can select the desired function in the privacy settings, on the right side of the filled fields. Register on Facebook
  3. Adding a photo or avatar. There are several options to choose: choose a photo from your album (click at the same time “Upload a photo”), pick a picture or take a picture with using a webcam (click “Take a picture”). All three steps you can take place at will, they are not binding. By clicking the “Skip” button, you can postpone actions for later or ignore them.

The last stage of registration on Facebook

Do not forget to check your inbox – there probably already There is a message from Facebook. To become full network user, you just need to go to the specified link. Welcome!

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