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Causes of dysfunction when adding a new printer

As follows from the text of this error, the system failed use the right software tools to add new printer into the system. Usually the cause of this problem is incorrect operation of the system service responsible for the installation and operation of local printers (“Print Manager”).

In addition, the causes of errors can be unstable. working drivers for the printer, as well as incorrect updates operating system (such cases were also recorded)

The problem most often concerns local printers. (local printing subsystem), while network devices work more stably.

We fix the error installing the printer on a user PC

We fix the error installing the printer on a user PC

Failed to open Add Printer Wizard – how fix

To solve this problem, I recommend the following:

  1. Activate the “Print Services and documents. “Go to” Add or Remove Programs ” (or click on the “Start” button, enter in the search bar appwiz.cpl and press enter). Then select “Turning Windows Features On and Off” on the left, in the opened in the window, find the Print and Document Services component and deactivate him (uncheck the main box). Then put the checkmark back click on the plus sign on the left to expand the sub-items of the component, and check the boxes for each of the sub-items. Click on “OK” and close the window.
  2. Now, if you click on “Add Printers” again, that’s all must earn;

  • Check the Print Manager service. Click on the “Start” button, enter in the search bar services.msc and press enter. In the window that opens services, find the “Print Manager” (Spooler), double-click on it, and, having entered its settings, set the startup type to “Automatic” (if this type of startup is already standing, just restart this service);

    Check the service

    Check Print Manager

  • Delete all files from the directory C: \ Windows \ System32 \ spool \ PRINTERS. Go to the specified path and delete all files from this directory. Then reboot your system and try again to install the desired one you need a printer;
  • Roll back the system to its previous state. If your system previously worked correctly with printers, and the next system update led to the appearance described by me dysfunctions, then I recommend to roll back the system to the previous one state. Click on the “Start” button, in the search bar type rstrui and press enter. Find the previous one, more stable, restore point, and roll back the system to previous condition;

    Choose the optimal recovery point

    Choose the optimal recovery point

  • If none of the above help, try delete all available printers in the system, as well as all drivers for him, then run the command line as administrator enter in it:

sfc / scannow

and press enter. After completing the integrity check process system files, restart your computer, restart command prompt with administrative rights, and in it enter:

net start spooler

and press enter. In some cases, this helped solve the problem. “Could not open Add Printer Wizard” on computers a number of users.


Enable the Print Manager service with the net command start spooler


The reason for the error “Could not open the Add Printer Wizard” usually unstable operation corresponding system services (“Print Manager”), as well as an incorrect system update destabilizing work with local printers. For to correct the situation, I recommend using the above tips, paying particular attention to the activation of the functionality of the “Services printing and documents, “this will fix the error” Failed Open the Add Printers Wizard on your PC.

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