Far Cry 5 crashes on startup and when changing clothes


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  • 3 How to solve the Far Cry 5 crash when changing clothes
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Far Cry 5 crashes when you start and change clothes – reasons

Among the many bugs found, Far Cry 5 crashes when it starts and trying to change clothes by character are some of the most mass. The indicated problems are caused by the following set reasons:

  • The game is not “run-in” enough by developers, “raw”, has many flaws in the program code;
  • The game works pretty badly with AMD graphics cards, so as focused on close cooperation with “Nvidia”;
  • Failures in the work of the client “Steam”;
  • Failures in the operation of the anti-cheating tool “EasyAntiCheat”;
  • User uses outdated graphics driver cards.

Game Developer – Ubisoft Recognized Availability problems in the game, and stated that she is actively working on their correction. How will developers be able to eliminate the identified shortcomings – will show the near future.

The game is waiting for more than one patch

Far Cry 5 is waiting for more than one patch

How to fix Far Cry 5 error on startup

After analyzing the causes of dysfunctions, let’s move on to a list of tips, allowing to fix the crash of Far Cry 5 at the very beginning of the game. Do the following:

  • Install the latest drivers for your video card (AMD, Nvidia);
  • Make sure you run the game with administrative rights;
  • Before starting the game, disable your antivirus (especially this relevant in the case of “Avast”, causing the failure of “Far Cry 5” when start). Also close others that you started earlier, programs;
  • Clear the Uplay cache. Follow the path:


or another one where you can find the Uplay folder. Rename it cache folder on cachebackup. Restart Uplay PC, and then try to start the game itself;

  • Microsoft users helped install some Visual C ++ 2015 instead of the existing Visual C ++ 2017 on the PC. Delete the latter using the standard removal tool programs, restart your PC, and install Visual C ++ on it 2015;
  • If you installed the latest ones before installing the game drivers, and there are crashes of the game, try rolling back your drivers to older versions. Some users have this the advice paid off;
  • Double the size of the swap file relative to the size of RAM your pc. Click on Win + R, enter theresysdm.cpl and press enter. Select the “Advanced” tab, to the right of “Performance” select “Options”, here again go to the “Advanced” tab, and below, click on “Edit.” Here activate the option “Specify size “, and put the values ​​of the original and maximum size twice as much as the amount of RAM on your PC. Click on “OK.” reboot the system and try to restart the game;

    Set the size you need

    Set the swap size you need

  • Install (run) the file “AntiCheatSetup”. Go to the folder with the game, there, find the Bin directory, and in it the folder “EasyAntiCheat”. For example, this could be the way:

path2 Find the file there EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe and run the program with admin rights I also recommend returning to the already mentioned Bin directory, and run the EAClaunch file there (also with the specified rights);

  • Install all the necessary updates for your Windows OS;
  • Check the integrity of the Steam files. Launch Steam. Find there game (in the library), click on it with RMB, select “Properties”. Then go to the “Local Files” tab, and click on “Check the integrity of the game files”;
  • Reinstall your Steam Steam.

    Reinstall your Steam

    Reinstall your Steam Steam

How to solve the Far Cry 5 crash when changing clothes

Game crash when changing clothes in Far Cry 5 – pretty common game bug. The greatest “popularity” he acquired AMD card owners (especially the HD-series) on which the departure when changing the character, it happens especially often (which is connected with some non-friendly games to devices from AMD). Wherein you must understand that the methods described below are “artisanal”, and you must wait for the official patch from “Ubisoft”, capable of fully solve the problem. In the meantime, do following:

  • Instead of your AMD card, install a card from Nvidia (if available such an opportunity);
  • Install the older Catalyst 15.8 (for cards from AMD). Thanks to its installation, some users were able to get rid of Departure of Far Cry 5 when changing clothes;
  • If installing version 15.8 did not help, then install as well Proven version of MD Catalyst ™ 15.11.1 Beta Driver (for cards from AMD). Follow the link, select the program version for bit depth of your OS (if you don’t know it, press Win + Pause), and download and install the program on your PC;
  • Install AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.2.1 Beta (for cards from AMD);
  • Wait for the corresponding patch. There is information, that such a patch is preparing to be released, which will solve the error Departure of Far Cry 5 when changing clothes.


Departure of Far Cry 5 at startup and when changing clothes is usually due to the rather raw nature of the game, crowded with a lot of bugs and shortcomings. Despite the policies pursued by the developers to eliminate errors arising in the game, most of them are still not allowed yet. The tips presented in this article are intended to contribute to the elimination of these two bugs, which will allow Enjoy the stable operation of Far Cry 5 on your PC.

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