Feature Recommendations app in Huawei for what is it for?


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Groundbreaking EMUI 9.0

As you know, Huawei at the end of 2018 introduced a new shell running on Android 9.0. Software the software received the traditional name for EMUI “Huawei” (Emotion UI), and the number corresponding to the relevant version of Android – 9.0.

EMUI 9.0

EMUI 9.0 made the phone more convenient and functional

Developers have improved EMUI 9.0. Responsiveness systems compared to EMUI 8.0 grew by almost 47%, and the launch applications – by more than 51%. The animation is smoother applications run faster, it became much more pleasant with the phone work, it has become more convenient and functional.

EMUI 9.0. Growth

EMUI 9.0 is better and faster

Innovative solutions have also touched the function menu. Opening it, we we can see that the message “Application Feature Recommendations “Launched.” What Does It Mean?

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What are Feature Recommendations for?

Functionality EMUI 9.0 replenished with several applications, one of which became Feature Recommendations. This application serves as a system assistant during initial activation devices, and also offers the user a series of tips for efficient use of various applications. Functional Feature Recommendations based on real user reviews Huawei devices assembled over the years, and It has convenient auxiliary capabilities.

Huawei Users

The application is based on user feedback from Huawei

The application usually works in the background, reminding itself of the mentioned us inscription.

Recommendations of the functions of Huawei

The application under consideration signals the operation of the application the inscription

But when you launch the phone for the first time, you will definitely encounter work “Recommendations of functions”, and in the future it will vigilantly monitor launching applications on the phone, offering one or another useful advice. The application may also recommend any supporting materials for one or another relevant subject.

How necessary is this program on your gadget? Exact No answer. The developers claim that her work does your meise more convenient and functional, but we do not directly confirm this found. The users who deleted it, they said, didn’t lost, because we will recommend disconnecting the work “Feature Recommendations” on your device. Below we will tell how to do it.

How to remove the application in Huawei

After we figure out what the application is for, recommending using certain features of the Huawei phone, Now consider how to remove it. This is done by going to your phone’s settings by selecting “Applications” there. Then again select “Applications”, then tap on “More” and click on “Show system”. Find Feature Recommendations there, and uninstall the specified application.

Huawei Applications and Notifications

Select “Apps & Notifications”

An alternative would be to turn off notifications from “Feature Recommendations” in Huawei. To do this, go to settings of your gadget, then select “Notifications” (Applications and notifications). In the notification list, find Feature Recommendations, and select “Disable.”

Another option to uninstall the application is to go to device settings. There select “Memory” (clear memory), then select “Clear.”

Clear Huawei

Select “Clear”

Next, select “Large Applications”, click “Clear” again Search for Feature Recommendations and select Delete.

After performing one of the listed methods, the specified the program will stop annoying you.

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In our material, we examined what kind of system application “Feature Recommendations” in the new Huawei smartphone, what is it functionality, and why it is needed. If you do not benefit from digital assistant-adviser when working with the phone, we recommend disable this application. According to user reviews of any they did not notice significant changes after the shutdown, because we will recommend deactivating this application, and use the capabilities of your device for more necessary and urgent tasks.

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