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Your profile on any social network should describe you correctly as a person, as a person. You can say it will be yours self portrait. It is advisable to immediately compose it correctly and interesting. To fill it, go to the profile google + and click on the item – About me. Can’t find friends in Google+? Google+ account login

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Step-by-step instructions for filling out the page in google +:

  1. You must enter your real initials. Google+ isn’t fake accounts are supported. You can also use nickname. If you’ve made a violation while using Google+ rules, then in such cases, the account may be blocked. Valid filling in Russian.
  2. When you insert a photo you need to use your own, and not a stranger. The photograph should show that it is you. The social network Google+ was created primarily for real people, and does not support as the profile picture of animals and plants; google my page login
  3. In the column “Briefly about yourself”, you can insert links to your site. So users can get to know you better. In the same column you can write some suggestions about your interests and preferences;
  4. Next, fill in the column “Occupation”, based on this column users decide to add you as a friend or not. The fact is that when the profile photo is displayed in miniature size, there your occupation is also visible. To clearly outline your circle interests, you must immediately carefully fill out the profile. If just do not do this, then the boundaries of your profile will be included a large number of users. And in the future will create a lot difficulties, because all of them will not be reviewed; See also: Little Known Facts About Google +
  5. After filling it, go to the link block. is he located in the sidebar of the profile on the right side. In this field you can add all necessary links without any restrictions: links to other social networks, sites, blogs and more another. This is done in this way: from the beginning you need to click on field “Links”, there we click on “Add link” and enter it in opened window. If on the site whose link you want add registration passed through Google+, then it is necessary click on the “+” sign and you’re done.
  6. There is also such an item as “Connected accounts” so that they you need to go to the page where you are attached accounts for other social networks. Next, select the necessary social network, add its link and make a confirmation. This the tool greatly facilitates the work; my circles in google +
  7. The remaining fields can be filled without much stress. But the most important thing is not to be lazy, and fill out a profile in a more complete volume.

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