Green screen when watching video on the phone, Windows 10, on Android, on YouTube


Why there is a green background instead of video in Windows 10

If your browser on Windows 10 shows a green canvas instead video, this can happen for several reasons.


Green screen when starting video in Windows

The most common is a harmful setting in the browser.

Now we will eliminate it:

  1. You need to open your browser settings. Example will be demonstrated on Google Chrome. If you use another browser, find the “Disconnect hardware acceleration “for him in a search engine;
  2. Press the top button with three dots (menu);


    Browser menu

  3. Выберите пункт “Settings” ;


    “Settings” in the browser menu

  4. Lower the page down and select “Advanced”;

    Additional settings

    Open advanced settings

  5. Again, lower the page down and turn off the item “Hardware acceleration “by moving the slider;


    Turn off hardware acceleration

  6. After that, restart the browser and restart the video, with who had problems.

If after following the recommendations your browser again shows the green background of the video, try reinstalling the Flash Player. To do this, go to, Download and install the latest version of the program.

Flash Player

Flash Player Download Page

Also make sure you have the latest version drivers:

  1. You must start the device manager. It’s possible do by clicking RMB on the start icon;
  2. Find the line that contains the name “Video Adapters” ;


    Video adapters in the task manager

  3. By clicking on it, the name of your video card (or device will not be recognized);

    Update driver

    Select “Update Driver”

  4. You need to click RMB and select “Update” with the cursor driver”.

You must specify an automatic search. And after a little delays, the system will determine if software is needed for this device. If the driver needs to be updated, it will independently search, download and install the driver. You will have to check, it has not disappeared Is there a problem on YouTube.

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How to fix the problem when watching video on the phone with Android

The green screen when watching videos appears not only on computer, but on a smartphone or tablet. The instruction will help for those with an error appearing in the mobile version of Google Chrome.

To reopen video on a smartphone on Android without problems:

  1. Launch a browser;


    Google Chrome Browser

  2. Then select and copy this link: chrome: // flags / # disable-accelerated-video-decode. To copy the link in a mobile browser, press and hold it until the “Copy” button appears;
  3. Next, in the same way, paste into the address bar of the browser and we pass along it;

    Link to fix the problem

    Paste the link into the address bar

  4. At the address you need to find the block in which the line is highlighted yellow marker;

    A line with a yellow marker

    Find the line with the yellow marker

  5. Под строкой нажмите кнопку “Enabled” ;


    Select the “Enabled” Button

  6. Выберите пункт “Disabled” .


    Select “Disabled”

We reboot the browser and go to the video. Green the screen should disappear on your Android phone when viewed. Now we will deal with the case when a similar screen appears in YouTube.

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Other ways to remove the green background when watching videos on YouTube

In order to eliminate the green screen on YouTube instead of video, try also the recommendation to turn off hardware settings acceleration (Windows or Android). If this does not help, try reinstall the browser. In this case, you can save the settings and even bookmarks so that after reinstallation you don’t have to look again necessary sites. To do this, in any browser, you must create account or log in.


  1. For example, in Firefox you need to click on the authorization button at the top;

    Log in to Firefox

    Button for authorization

  2. Click on the blue button “Enable Sync”;


    Turn on browser sync

  3. And register with an email address.


    Register in the browser

Once you reinstall your browser, select the option again to login at the top of the browser and click “Enable sync. “Re-enter your login details and tabs and other data will be restored in a few seconds. Similar Actions must be completed in Chrome.

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Troubleshoot Internet Explorer

There are still users who use to access the network IE And the green screen when watching a video on the Internet in it is also happens.

To solve this in an outdated browser, open it settings:

  1. Click on the gear at the top of the browser on the right;

    Choose a gear

    Choose gear icon

  2. Нажмите пункт Internet Options ;

    Свойства обозревателя

    Browser Property Function

  3. At the top of the new window, select the tab “Additionally”;
  4. In the “Parameters” block, find the “Use software rendering “;

    Use software rendering

    Select Use Software Rendering

  5. Check this box;
  6. Save the settings and restart the browser.

After that, try running it to test result. In any case, you can use a different browser, if you get a green screen when watching a video from YouTube on your Android phone or on a Windows 10 PC.

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