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  • 2 What to do if the status on Aliexpress does not change for a long time

Hand over to airline status translation into russian

Hand over to airline is translated into Russian as “Transferred to the airline.” This means that the package has left transport company warehouse and was successfully received by employees airport.

Hand over to airline status in the online store

Hand over to airline status in the online store

Now it, along with other exported goods, lies on airport warehouse and waiting for customs clearance and sending to destination country. This status is an alternative. Export message, which is displayed if the package has international track number that doesn’t describe in so much detail inside Chinese events.

Hand over to airline status may appear several times per All delivery time of the order. This is due to the fact that Chinese goods rarely sent directly to the CIS countries. For example, a package may be sent through Singapore – this applies, first of all, complex technical products (e.g. electronics) that cannot be send by regular china post.

In this case, the SG number will be in the track number. how consequence, the status will appear first when the goods are in Honkog airport, then during his stay at the airport Singapore. Sometimes in square brackets before status town.

By your item number when tracking items in AliExpress will have other statuses to know the meaning. your status follow the link:

  • Arrived at destination country;
  • Security check success;
  • Received by line-haul
  • Arrived at the destination postal office.

What to do if the status on Aliexpress does not change for a long time

If the status of Hand over to airline does not change for a long time, worry do not do it. You need to contact the seller, who will check with transport company location of the parcel. In some cases goods may lie for a long time at the airport for natural reasons – export volumes are large, and it can take a long time before a specific package turn up the line. Numerous Chinese can also affect holidays and weekends.


Status Screenshot

You can talk about problems with the package if the status is Hand over to airline in Aliexpress is delayed by more than a month. Such the problem has recently been inherent in Singapore services – if the order is sent through another country, no problems should arise. Before placing an order, you should find out from the seller how he carries out delivery.

If a problem occurs, the procedure is as follows:

  • A dispute arises over the impossibility of tracking the order. The reason you need to specify a delay of goods in China by more than two weeks. Perhaps this if the delivery method used is standard shipping by Aliexpress.
  • Screenshots are attached to the dispute, which show “frozen” status.
  • The dispute goes into the category of arbitration, which considers the problem without taking into account the seller’s excuses (which often lie, blame problems on poor logistics and holidays, unlawfully extend the protection period of the buyer, etc.)

Arbitration of the problem will take some time, but by its results with a high probability the money for the purchase will be returned. Perhaps, after some time, and the goods will come.

Before opening a dispute, you can try to contact the mail Singapore – they will explain what is happening with the goods. Even if with everything is in order, it will go much longer than usual.

To avoid losing the ordered package at the Hand over to stage airline, before ordering electronics and other technically sophisticated goods should be clarified with the seller, through which country are sent goods, and if it is Singapore, it is better to choose a different store.

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