How to Boost your IMDB starmeter


You probably know the importance of having low starmeterranking in order to get some serious business form IMDB as anactor.

There are thousands of directors and movie makers looking fortalent on IMDB and if you are far behind the line, nobody is goingto discover you!

I believe in TESTING, Eliminate the guesswork!

I run some deep level test to see how IMDB algorithm reacts todifferent variables that helps me understand the algorithm andcrack the code of having high starmeter rankings.

In order to boost your IMDB starmeter, we must understand firsthow exactly their algorithm works.

Here are few Top factors that moves your starmeter up anddown.

Traffic coming to your IMDB Profile

Traffic on your IMDB Profile is hands down one of the topranking factor in IMDB.

This is pretty logical and simple, IMDB goal is to attract asmuch visitors to their site and they push profiles which are theirbigger traffic boosters.

IMDB like and appreciate high quality traffic toyour profile because they convert into paidcostumers!

Simply Send more High Quality Traffic to yourIMDB Profile.

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Statistical calculations on your profile traffic

Let’s dig the algorithm a little bit deeper and understand howIMDB track user behavior and pattern to predict and potentialdanger or rigging.

IMDB has set some standards using their algorithm, based on onpast data and it helps them to catch a rigging attempt & penalizeit right away or push it for a manual review.

What does it mean?

STAR meter rankings are based on several statistical indicators,including the frequency and number of people who access yourprofile. If your profile is just added to IMDB and you are gettingmillions of traffic right away, that seems unnatural and IMDB cancatch this very easily.

I hope you are getting my point.

Your movies connections in IMDB

If you work with complete stranger movies that have poorratings, this can affect you negatively in terms of ranking.Because the main source of your profile traffic is these moviepages.

I know you have a lot of stuff on your table to do. And it iseasy to get distracted. Increasing your IMDB STARmeter is not thatdifficult. but it takes dedication, consistency and knowledge.

If you don’t have time to invest, you can pay few bucks andoutsource all the work.

How can you boost your Starmeter?

Short answer, be as natural and as genuine aspossible.

Long answer. You can’t push your ranking overnight by doing somesilly stuff but you can do some use legitimate techniques thatcan

Increase your starmeter ranking

Help you win more gigs from IMDB

There are certain steps you can take to push your ranking

Get traffic to your profile from searchengines. IMDB gets a lot of traffic from search engineslike google, yahoo, and bing.

Your fans are searching your name on these search engines. Youmust add your movie/profile to Google.

If your profile is not properly optimized you won’t get antraffic.

Try to get some backlinks to your IMDB profile and share it onall of your social media channels.

Remember, traffic from search engines is extremely relevant andcan really help you push your Starmeter very quickly.

Don’t be shy! Ask your fans to review yourmovies. If your movies have good ratings and reviews, theyare most likely to be discovered by other people. Since you are inthe cast of that movie, these new IMDB users can discover yourprofile and hopefully click on it.


The IMDB algorithm is quite complicated. They do not disclose itfor obvious reasons. Your main focus should be on having highquality interactive traffic to your IMDB page and make sure youhave a decent trajectory in terms of traffic and interaction.

You should not spend all of your time on just having a highstarmeter. Focus on your acting skills and learning. Thesestarmeter increase can give you a gig here and there but if you donot provide real value, there is no way in having high starmeter inthe first place.

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