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Important about stickers in VK

As you know, stickers are a variety of colorful pictures, which can be used as an expression of your emotions in conversation. Stickers can be found in many instant messengers and social networks, in the form of various pictures of people, animals, fantasy characters and more.

VK stickers

Using stickers allows you to make the communication process more bright and fascinating

In the functionality of the social network “Vkontakte” stickers appeared in 2014, and quickly became very popular. Functional Vkontakte offers various sticker options, both free and paid. In the latter case, to purchase paid options you need the VC currency, known as the “voices.” It can be obtained taking part in any VK shares for free, or buy for real rubles on the payment page.

Voices of VK

Buy VK votes for real money

How to purchase stickers on VKontakte from a computer

Stickers are purchased in VK as follows:

  • Go to the “Messages” section;
  • Choose a personal correspondence with any user;
  • In the message box on the right, click on the image Emoticon
  • In the smiley window that opens, click on the icon with the image of the house (“Sticker Shop”);

    VK Sticker Shop

    Click on the Sticker Icon

  • A sticker store window will open. Some of the proposed You can purchase options for free, and some for some the number of “votes” (VK currency);

    VK stickers

    VK Sticker Shop

  • After you decide to purchase a kit you like stickers, click on the blue button with a certain number votes
  • A window will appear with a choice of payment method. Payment Available by credit card, payment from a mobile phone account, payment electronic money, cash payment through a payment terminal;

    Payment stickers VK

    Choose an acceptable payment option

  • It remains to select the desired option (if necessary, by clicking on button “Go to payment”), and make payment VK stickers;
  • After your payment you will receive a set of stickers, which you can use for communications in Vkontakte.

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How to activate VK stickers from your phone

You can buy VK stickers from your phone in a similar way. Do the following:

  1. Launch the Vkontakte mobile application;
  2. Switch to private dialogue with any user VK;
  3. Click on the emoticon icon, and in the smiley window that opens tap on the icon with the image of the house (“Sticker Shop”);
      VK Sticker ShopTap on VK Sticker Store icon
  4. A sticker store will open. Choose your favorite option, and tap on the green button to the right of the sticker you like;
  5. Indicate your preferred payment method and pay for the sticker.

How to give stickers

VKontakte functionality also allows you to give stickers to VK desired user. The gift mechanism is very similar to the technique Sticker purchases in VK. Do the following:

  • Go to the VK section of private messages with the desired the user to whom you want to give stickers;
  • Click on the smiley icon;
  • In the list of emoticons that opens, click on the icon with the image house on the right (“Sticker Shop”);
  • In the list of stickers that opens, select the option that you want to give, and click on the button with the image of a gift under him;

    Gift sticker VK

    Click on the icon with the image of a gift

  • The accompanying window will open. Add to gift your message, and click on the “Present for X votes” button (instead of X will be the cost of stickers);

    Give VK sticker

    Add a message if necessary and click on the button “Give”

  • Choose your payment method and pay for your purchase.

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In our material, we examined the possibility of buying stickers in VK, and what steps must be performed for this operation. You You can either purchase stickers both personally for yourself and present them to my friends. Use stickers in the communication process, this will allow make your communication more vibrant and fun.

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