How to cancel an order for Wildberry


Cancel an order at Wildberries Store

You can cancel your order in the Wildberries online store simple enough. You can use several opt-out options of your choice. The easiest is manual rejection in your personal account on the website

  1. To do this, you need to open your profile page Wildberry;
  2. On the left in the main menu block, select “My deliveries”;

Removing delivery in your account

Removing delivery in your account on Wildberries website

3. Mark the desired product with a tick and click on the “Delete” button below. from delivery “;

4.Accordingly – your product must not yet be issued on delivery.

When you take these simple steps, the status of the product in the section orders will take the value “Closed”. You will also receive a letter to the address The e-mail that you specified when registering for the service. Therein If you have already registered the goods for delivery, you may simply not appear at the pickup point.

Product Refusal Using Wildberry

There is another way not to buy what you have already chosen in Wildberries store. To implement it, you need to call the number 8 800 100-75-05. You can call from anywhere in Russia and not worry about your balance, calls are free. Pick up the phone operator. Be prepared to answer a few questions: your name, mobile number, delivery code and so on. You can ask help in the rejection of the goods. After which you will only have to track the status in your account on the site.

Reasons to Cancel Wildberries Order

Many buyers decide to cancel their order due to that incorrectly indicated data during registration. To create after application with already correct data. You do not have to do this. You you can ask for help by the support number, which is written in previous section. Contact the operator and explain your a problem. In a few minutes it will be eliminated.

You can contact the operator not only through a mobile phone. On the site you can leave a request in which you need to describe your a problem. Go to the form through the menu in your account. You берите “My appeals” . If you have personal reasons not to buy the selected product, you can refuse it in the LC or will not appear upon delivery. Wildberry will be canceled automatically after a while.

Мои обращения

The item “My appeals” on the Wildberry website

Purchase returns

It often happens that you ordered a product and even received it, but you didn’t like it or didn’t fit in certain parameters. Even so, you have the right to return it. But must not pass more than 21 days from the date of receipt. You must have good ones causes. For example, size, color, length inconsistent with the description or other parameters.

You can return the purchase only with the whole package and all adjacent, which were at the time of receipt – labels, total packaging, stickers and more. In some cases, you may not return all goods. You can return some items that were issued in the application. Failure may be the fault the seller himself. For example, the packaging was deformed when receipt. Be sure to fix these nuances upon receipt, so that photos could confirm your words in the application. If your fault is in there is no discrepancy of the product or its damage, all the costs of the return Shipping takes the online store.

How do I return an item to Wildberries

To make a refund, you need to visit the website again Wildberry. Then enter your personal account and find the item “My wardrobe”. In the product list, find the one you want to return and make sure that there’s no “Not applicable” next to its name return “. Select it with a tick and click on the button to return.

To return, you can use the courier services, which operate in large Russian cities. If the store’s fault return no, it will cost you 200 rubles. Find out also Why to Wildberry the paid delivery of 200 rubles. you also can use Russian Post. If the “Return” buttons on the page with your goods are not, then the return period has already expired. And you do not have opportunities to return it.


To return or cancel an order in the Wildberries online store You may need other contacts to contact support. ВыYou can find them on the website in the bottom block. On this page several store email addresses are provided as well links to official pages on different social networks. Among which: VKontakte, Classmates, Telegram, Viber and own IP connection Wildberries.


Wildberries Online Store Contact Page

Instead of a contact form or email address, you can use social networking pages where users discuss all issues. You can also write your own, on the topic cancellation order for wildberry.

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