How to clear memory on Huawei phone


An easy way to clear the memory of your Huawei smartphone

To delete unnecessary files, it is not necessary to understand phone system. Application developers know how we do it. to help. And we have already created several useful programs that automatically collect “garbage” on your Huawei phone. AND safely remove it. No need to think that this is a panacea. There are also the negative side in this method of cleaning. When Wi-Fi is On or on the mobile Internet you will see ads in the window programs.

Cleaner programs also take away mobile resources. devices, constantly being in running processes. These programs have the property of annoying with notifications that smartphone memory is full. Although in reality often “juggles” the scan results.

Launch Google Play

Launch the Google Play app

If you configure the application for cleaning properly, it will be a good tool to remove unnecessary data on Huawei:

  1. To find such an application, open the Google Play market and введите в поиске “Clear memory” или “Удалениеgarbage “;

    Очистить память

    Clear smartphone memory

  2. In the results you can choose the best program for yourself. Clean Master is the most popular because of its thorough search. cache and unnecessary files. It was downloaded and installed by more than 1 billion time;
  3. In all these applications, the operating principle and interface user are similar. In the main menu of the program, select “Clear мусор”. Select button

    Выберите кнопку в Clean Master “Мусор”

    And the application will start looking for unnecessary files on your mobile phone

    Trash Found

    Application trash found

  4. After scanning, click the “Clear” button;


    Cleanup Report Window

  5. Then select the item that clears the op and in the same way free it from unnecessary running processes;

    Clear RAM

    Delete the smartphone’s RAM

  6. Most of these programs have anti-virus protection or scanner. Try scanning your Huawei smartphone. Antivirus scanner

    Antivirus scanner in Clean Master

    Perhaps with the downloaded files you entered into memory viruses.


    Additional smartphone cleaning tools

Take a look at all the cleaning app tools memory. Apply them. This cleaning method often helps eliminate problems with the smartphone. Get rid of the “lags” and slowness of the operating system Huawei. Since the cache and others such files may not only occupy physical memory mobile device, but also part of the virtual. After which you You encounter various kinds of errors in Play Market installing new applications.

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Uninstall unnecessary applications in Huawei

The previous section helps to fix some errors and slowdown of the system. Uninstall programs on a Huawei smartphone helps you free up a significant amount of memory on your mobile device. Thus, partly also accelerate its work. That passed the time when from the Play Market for 200 MB of memory in a smartphone it was possible Download 3-4 interesting games. At the same time, memory also remained. Today, games on Google Play have become more colorful, dynamic, but take a lot of memory.

For a long time there are applications that require more than 1 or 2 gigabytes of memory on a mobile device. If we revise the list installed applications and remove unnecessary ones – let’s do a good job to speed up other programs and games. Well, we’ll clear your memory mobile phone Chinese brand Huawei. It can be done in two ways: on the device itself and through the Google app Play

To delete through the market:

  1. Launch the application;
  2. At the top, click the three bars next to the Google Play search bar;

    Press three strips

    Click the three bars near Google Play

  3. Выберите “My applications and games” ;

    Мои приложения и игры

    Select “My Apps & Games”

  4. In the next window, click the tab at the top “Installed”;


    Select the Installed tab

  5. By selecting any of them, you can delete it in a separate window. Для этого нажмите кнопку Delete ;


    Нажмите кнопку Delete

  6. Review the list and remove all the programs and games that you have not been using it for a long time. Or do not plan to use in the near future time.

Deactivating apps on a Huawei device

If you have problems with the Internet and do not currently the ability to run Google Play, unnecessary games and programs can delete offline.

For this:

  1. Select the settings icon in the main menu;
  2. Find the “Applications” item here. Depending on the your device version may have a different name;


    Select “Applications”

  3. Next, select the “All” tab;
  4. Find here the programs you need to remove from your phone Huawei, and select them;

    Click on the program

    Click on the program you want to remove

  5. В новом окне нажмите кнопку Delete ;


    Click Delete

  6. Review carefully the entire list of programs in the general list. If the programs were installed by the manufacturer, they can be removed on or off. Since these programs often work in the background mode. Even if you do not use them;
  7. Find such a program and go to the settings window;
  8. Click the Stop button. Then Disable . Отключить

    Click the “Disable” button

    And confirm the shutdown.

    Disable Application

    Click the “Disable Application” button

The more programs will be deleted and turned off in the “All” window applications “, the faster and more reliably your smartphone. Clean in many ways to achieve maximum effect in the smartphone Huawei.

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Clearing the memory and cache of Huawei smartphones

Different models of Huawei smartphones have special built-in applications that help clean your smartphone. This is a utility which resembles the memory cleaners from the Play Market. But created they are developers of the manufacturer company. Therefore if in your the phone has such an application, it is necessary to use it his. Do not download additional programs – they are useless.


  1. Select the application icon in the Huawei menu;

    Select an application to clean

    Select Huawei Cleanup App

  2. After a while, you will see the result of a memory scan devices


    Click the delete button

  3. You need to select the appropriate action below – delete;


    Confirm data deletion

  4. Further in the window you can see which files were found program. They are broken down by data type;
  5. The utility also offers to clear the RAM. Confirm permissions and wait for the process to complete.

In some cases, special removal tools do not help clear the Huawei cache of some programs (e.g. Google Play cache not always deleted by utilities). In such situations, we need do it manually. For problems with some applications It is recommended to remove their update through the market.

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What is software cache in Huawei

If applications in Huawei overflow with a cache, they begin in it failures: it does not start, an error appears with different codes, works slowly. Mobile apps run faster for account of downloaded data from the network. For example, in a Google application Maps when you view your place of stay, application loads a map of this area into the cache. So that the next time you start it could quickly show it to you.

Sometimes cards can even work without the Internet just for that the reason that map files are already in the cache. But if it’s a repository will be crowded, the program will have nowhere to put other map files localities. If you want to suddenly look at the Eiffel Tower. You can also delete cache files for an individual program in the section “All Programs”, where we removed applications without the Internet. In the program window there will be a button “Clear cache”. Click it and confirm deletion. Also use other methods clear memory on your Huawei mobile phone.

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